Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Truckin and Phelps Go Hand In Hand

My wife, bring the kind, gentle soul she is, left our marital bed early this morning to let her husband get some uninterrupted sleep by taking her coughing fit into the porch with the plush couch. I offered however that she simply could have given me a quick blowjob and no amount of cold symphony sounds of hacking and sneezing would wake me up.

She declined. Don Juan I am not.

Michael Phelps is a midnight toker eh? And apparently there’s a law man in South Carolina who wanted to get his name in the news by proclaiming the need to exert his god-like ego try to hand the golden boy a ticket for $200. The legalities of how far the law could go was a topic on Mike and Mike this morning and I’m sure every newspaper sports writer across the US will chip in a quick article and opinion on “how this will hurt his public relations” and “he’s not a hero to our children” all for smoking a little pot.
Against the law? Sure.
Harmful to his bank account? Probably.
Going to jail for it? Doubtful.

Maybe some legal geniuses or students could tell me if the ubiquitous “red cup” rule applies here. You’re at a keg party; you hit on the tall, striking brunette that once took a double look at you in World History during the discussion of the beginnings of the Freemasons. By the end of the night she ends up wearing nothing but her little black La Perla get up spread eagle on a de-sheeted bed pissing herself from one too many drinks after brushing you off since that Bartles and James Pina Colada in your hand didn’t exert enough manliness (I suggest the Fruit Punch next time). Anyway, she is photographed prior to the peep show holding a red cup with arms around two other ladies from the school’s volleyball team. No one however got the panty shot so you’ll have to relive that memory in the shower with a little conditioner in your hand.

Pictures of course end up on Facebook and cause outrage in the community! OMG THINK OF THE CHILDREN!! Question here is, if none of the photos contained the keg, bottle of Grey Goose, or any viewable alcoholic tell signs except the big red cups, can the police or coach/school pursue a case without any admissions?

Phelps’ bong is clearly there but the blurry photo doesn’t show any ganja, baggies, January’s copy of High Times, one-hitters, etc… is there even a case?


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