Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Is It Bedtime?

This might make the next trip to Tijuana a little more interesting... but how are the users supposed to get the drugs legally?

San Diego Super Chargers. Shotgun. Foot. I hear Denny Green is looking for a job.

Gambling 911 debunks the Brunson arrest rumor, at serious enough that it was cardiac arrest not the G-men taking him away for offering a 125% reload bonus at Doyle's Room.

Enough with the news, now I have a question for the mommies and daddies out there.

Last night, after tucking in the boy three times, I slipped on my poker face complete with Oakleys, Full Tilt hoodie, assorted donkey-ism chat macros such as "SHIP IT HOLLA!" AND "U FUKIN DONK!", and a nice glass of milk with mini Chip Ahoys. After firing up three tasty tables of PLO8 and getting ready to win a few happy meals... he comes back up crying. Patience is now head-of-a-pin thin and rapidly heading towards angry. He wants a new band-aid for a cut that healed two weeks ago, explaining there is no cut nets me a Linda Blair repetition in the bathroom and a nice accidental backward head butt to the chin.

Fun time and this isn't an isolated incident.

Of course if my voice didn't asend from being selfish about wanting to play poker in peace, he never would have gone into spaz mode. Is there someway a person can go from being focused on poker to applying the TLC needed to gentlely get their kid back in bed? I'd like to teach him that is it not o.k. to keep coming upstairs because the first thing he does is walk into the porch while I'm check-raising some douchebag on the laptop and telling me to make the nurse avatar smile. If he was coming up for a drink, bathroom, or a bite to eat, then the mood would be little more relaxed.

The question... if your child is becoming the next college debate team captain with a counter-point to anything you say or tantrum if punishment threats are given, how do you get him/her to understand its time for bed and daddy wishes to re-raise the frog avatar with 21 outs twice?

Thanks for dropping by, now BG has put up some great posts concerning "Christian values voting" and what might be another reason why things like online gambling have been viewed at in such a bad light. I wish I was intellegent enough to offer my own opinion, other then saying I feel in a Democracy that the people should be choosing right and wrong, not have to follow the narrow-minded values of the few with deep pockets (but that's not going to change despite all the debates and empty promises coming to a TV/Radio/Internet site near you until Decision 2008). I don't expect everyone to share my views nor religion (or non-practicing religion). My viewpoints and values are mine and mine only; not to be pressed on an unwilling party.

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