Tuesday, February 20, 2007

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Nothing reminds you quicker about being a parent then waking up in the middle of the night and clutching onto your source of wake up juice the following morning while staring at 50 OMFGURGENT emails and wondering to yourself...

... did you have to let it linger?
Yes, I'm begging my two remaining brain cells not to leave on account of questionable 90s music.

If you could be Tom Brady right now, what would your advice be? Go for some make up sex, she can't possibly get pregnant again! Then again, nailing stacked lady to my left would be enough for most football players not named Rex Grossman.
Is getting quad eights twice in the same night while only holding one eight in your hand a sign that the cards love you? But, then split the pot because someone stayed in with a low draw for his whole stack.
"I thought you had a pair!"
Yes. Yes I did, two pair if you'd like to be more precise. Now please resume your calling station ways, Vegas needs some new oneies and an Easter dress. She's going to pass up Wyatt at the rate she's growing (might slide a cute kid pic into this space by the weekend). But I think she needs to learn the subtle pleasures of sleeping thru the night. The left hook of a crying baby left me staggering like I just left the bar with Al and BigMike, and the uppercut came one hour later when Wyatt decided sleeping in his bed wasn't going to cut it.
Thanks for dropping by, now I promise a little original content over at my paid poker blog tonight since I have an Omaha post I'd like to get out of my head.
On a side note... PayPal sent a massive cut and paste email yesterday with only these two lines from hopefully a human because the email issue has been cleared up.

I understand that you had difficulty with your email address. I realize that this situation can be frustrating. My name is Arwin and appreciate the opportunity to help you resolve this issue.
Well Arwin, thank you for freeing up my money so I can purchase a couple of strip poker CDs from thepokerchick.com. My kleenex box thanks you.

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