Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Yes, It Is a Sport

Poker on Yahoo!

Poker on AOL.

Poker on "Comcast On Demand" far behind?

Give it five years and you'll be playing $2/$4 Stud Eight or Better with your Wii Remote on ComcastCasino.com while watching the series finale of Lost, and betting on the 5th at Canterbury Park on your TV.

If I could use those frequent players points to pay the nasty cable bill each month, I'd multi-table until the Playboy TV/Sunday NFL Ticket add-on charge was paid off.

Question: If there was someone standing no more then twelve feet from you and could launch a projectile at a speed approaching 100 m.p.h., would you try to piss off this individual?

Why a slowpitch softball pitcher would ever want to taunt the batter AND run close to home plate after throwing is beyond my comprehension. Luckily for him it was a friendly game last night in the bar leagues so I sent a kind reminder to his Mizuno cleats instead of his overpriced Under Armour black and silver cap.

He didn't dance after that.

I will be trying to attend more of the Battle of the Blogger Tourneys later this week (Mooooookie and Riverchasers) as I got home a little too late from playing last night due to three different downpour delays and the fact that my team took almost 20 minutes to finish their half an inning before the mercy rule came into effect.

Worst for the other team but there's nothing like sitting on a wet bench for 20 minutes to finish off a 33-7 game. Must be how the Yankees feel every week.

Thanks for dropping by, now I must confess to being signed up for a 2-day bowling tourney this weekend, adding that to the softball tourney last weekend what should be my next choice of "athletic" competition?

World Series of Quarters?
ACA sponsored Cornhole tourney!

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