Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Chewing Gum Stops Dam From Bursting

Good call Speaker, now come to bed

I thought this phishing scam test was scary as I managed to only get 7 out of 10 right. No, do not flood my in-box with exotic Nigerian pyramid schemes or offers of a pump/pills/cream/to make my dick into a John Holmes/Anaconda size that Jenna Jamison would think twice about before accepting a special delivery.

My wife is kind enough to fuel my ego and denies I need such products.

While Comcast meanders over to my home tonight (hopefully) to restore my original internet connection that was severed when they fixed the cable connection. (Insert plugging leak in a dam with fingers joke here) First they didn’t show up on the scheduled day which caused the wife some ire since she was kind enough to bend to their demands of coming by during normal working hours. But, I’ll give the technician credit for actually testing the cable box once installed and checking several channels to make sure the Corky-like studdering had stopped on major stations which made TV viewing a little irritating to say the least.

However, in the course of correcting the cable box problem he disconnected the cable which fed SUPER HIGH SPEED INTERNETS to my PC and via router to my laptop. Being towards the end of the month and several blog entries due over at my paid site, I wasn’t thrilled with the duct tape solution of moving all the wiring and cable to my bedroom. But I’ll give the guy credit for coming up with some thought processes as the previous customer reps seemed to have those pages torn out of their call center quick customer answer guides.

Any bets on my cable not working after restoring to my laptop?

I’m almost expecting to call for a new appointment Thursday night when Torii Hunter smacks a double into the gap and suddenly the screen pops blotchy squares normally reserved for fuzzing out a drunken trailer-trash in a wife beater genital’s on COPS after he’s arrested for trying to get high off of the Redi-Whip cans at the local 7-11 and gets caught trying to take a piss on the dimly lit county road.

I promise some pokery goodness should my conductivity return without having the wife complain about my excessive keystroking while in bed. Forget the bad the pun, happy hump day folks!

Thanks for dropping by, Mookie tonight 9:00pm CST, and hopefully some of Al’s bOObies pics will return soon for breastial tournament encouragement.

EDIT: Al is back, and so is his reminder about the BBT Freeroll Tonight (I'm guessing 10pm means EST). Comcast really better not fuck up now.

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