Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Crackback Attack

It wasn't until I stepped into the gym yesterday and my ass took its place behind the horizontal bench piled with massive weights to impress the row of movable walking carpets with various bounces of MILF-ish asses just five feet away that I noticed the Vikings newly proclaimed savior on Sportscenter.

There was no sound (I did have my hearing aids in to listen to the Carrot Top looking guy in the free weight area grunt a 747 out of his 80's style short gym shorts) coming from the TV but none was neccesary. The first replay I just continued my reps towards building a body that will never become "chiseled" because of my love for foods that are on the EAT THIS! rather NOT THAT! side of the culinary equation. The second one after seeing the play in full made my eyes advert from the perfect stems walking in unison and abandon the exercise to watch number four more closely.

I'm talking about this. Of course ESPN blows the crackback block of Eugene Wilson up because its FAVRE FAVRE FAVRE!!!!111oneoneone but really you'd expect a little higher degree of sportsmanship from a guy hailed as an ambassador to the NFL. The Sportscenter crew would replay it 8 times (I counted with both hands) before finally moving on to discuss Michael Vick's attempt to pet a dog yesterday that ended with the QB's hand nearly becoming a Beggin' Strip (just kidding, but this needs to happen).

Bad karma was not needed for this team, especially for a 40 year old QB trying to stay in one piece while held together by dental floss. Granted its good to see he's playing hard, just not using the judgement that a 19 year pro in this league should have. Reverse the scenario for a second and Favre goes limping off the field and a flurry of #4 jerseys jump the walls of Reliant Stadium gang raping Wilson with ripped out bleacher seats based on the direction from Peter King's twitter post.

Hopefully an apology excuse ladden interview will put this behind quickly or some 2nd string Safety coming in on a suicide blitz will see a reason to end the immortal Favre's career and send Zygi's chances at a Super Bowl win from somewhat possible to how soon are we moving to some place that will give me a stadium?


This afternoon I'll be playing at PokerStars Media event for a shot at a WCOOP buy-in. Likely it will be Texas Hold Em' (bleech) but I'll hold my bile for the game in if I can score a buy-in to play an Omaha event or some kind of HORSE/8-game mix that fits the schedule. The structures in these tourneys is mega deep making for a lot of play which fits my weak-tight-spazzy "game" perfectly. I stayed up all night last year watching/reporting on these events at the PokerStarsBlog (will be joining Otis, Change100, Short Stack Shamus, and California Jen again this year) and know most of the tourneys start in the afternoon and end sometime around last call at the bars and time for pigs in a blanket for brunch.

While we're on a poker kick... congrats to Change and Dr. Pauly on their new PokerNews gigs!! Both will be playing their strength as Pauly is doing an Op-Ed piece (click on link for hottest Old English t-shirt ever seen) on the weekends while Change will continue her globe-trotting ways as a tourney reporter.

I'll report a bit on Twitter on the media event today. Follow if you dare.


If you think poker players are degens, check out a chick who managed to blow through a mutli-million dollar lottery win in six years. Idiot, she should have played more Pai Gow.

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