Wednesday, December 10, 2008

888 Poker

Poker players always have their own preference. They like their tables, their companies, their terms of service and the people the play with at certain sites. Party poker has its offers, poker stars has its advantages and of course trailing close behind is pacific poker.

Only in the last ten years or so has online poker taken off so drastically. In the 80’s I’m sure no one heard of Poker being played at a computer desk. No one would stay in to click the mouse and try to rack up a few quid, it was unheard of. Slowly in the mid to late 90’s did this start. P

eople even quit their jobs as they believe they can make a sufficient stipend on the makings of a few online poker tournaments a few nights a week. In my opinion, best of luck to them, I hope they become millionaires. We have all seen it happen – from 17$ buy ins straight to chairs at the WSOP big timers. It can be done.

Good luck to everyone, and don’t hate the player, hate the game!

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