Monday, August 10, 2009

Steak and Stakes

Yes the microphone is still on here, just summer/work craziness has my writing time down to beyond nil.

(a side note: has anyone been successful from getting listed on Google again after being de-listed?) Drop me a note.

After nearly a week of watching the kids alone as my wife trucked up north to Duluth for a drinking engagement work conference, came home for a day, then left for her annual “girl’s weekend”, I have a new found respect for those who stay home or interact with little humans on a daily basis in a classroom.

The thirst for adult conversation at the end of the day after listening to your mouth say “please turn left” and they go right for a solid week was near Gobi desert desperation on Saturday. Sure, my little walking genes were adorable and attentive some of the time, but what the hell wires these kids to do everything but what you say to them. It was like talking to women (which I’m sure the fairer sex would say the same about guys)!

Parental learning experience put into the database for later use as the boy’s sixth birthday party in the artery clogging humidity at Elm Creek park on Sunday went as smoothly as possible with the kids enjoying the massive timber structured playground and adults relaxing in the shade with iced down beverages. The real treat was the little ones’ batteries were spent by the time they hit the bathtub a few hours later that not one “GET BACK IN YOUR ROOM!!!11111” was uttered/screamed/threatened.


Tell me. If you make millions of American dollars or Euros and enjoy a certain amount of fame due to your athletic ability/acting ability/gag reflex ability would decide that someone deserves a Anderson Silva on Griffin beat-down because the service person lacked enough change to purchase four pieces of Bazooka gum at the dollar store?

Patrick Kane, your karmatic taint punch is coming after mistaking a cabbie who was 20 cents short for Tie Domi. My hopes are the next time you pass out while tipping back too many lime-flavored Zimas at the local Dave and Busters, someone tattoos the word “Asshole” around your mouth.


Anyone feel bad for Padraig (cousin of WSOP champ Dan) Harrington for chunking a chip on the 70th hole of the WGC Bridgestone Invitational and literally giving away the tournament to the Phil Ivey of golf?

As if Tiger needed the “help” but what kind of pro hits a chip over a green and into the water from 20-30 feet away (that’s feet, not yards)??? That’s the kind of shot better left for hackers like myself to perfect on exotic locals like Three Rivers executive nine off Bass Lake Road in Plymouth, MN. But I wasn’t hitting the little white ball for a paycheck the size of all my assets put together Indecent Proposal style hoping that red comes up for the fifth straight spin.



Another choke may be not finishing off my sixth place finish in the $1,000 PLO8 guarantee at Stars after outlasting 692 runners and being 2nd in chips with 14 remaining. A good run for sure, but the sheer horrible play of those near the final table fueled a very easy run to the decent ROI and a hanging head that I didn't finish in the top two.

I’ll save poker-heavy stuff for a post at Minnesota Poker Magazine’s site, but this run of tournament success (I cashed in a 4-max PLO8 tourney at the same time with another deep run) has me thinking about the 2010 WSOP for taking another shot at the big money for this small operator of four card crack. Maybe its false pride and the cards just fell right over the past few years but the itch to take another shot (perhaps with the help of my fellow degenerates as consulted by my financial advisor The Rooster), is definitely getting in my thoughts.

If I can extract enough time to play a few more of these (my run ended at 3:00am after starting at 9:30pm), and hit up Running Aces for some $4/$8 w/half kill O8 action, you might see a Captain sailing Drizz at the Amazon Room next year in a playing capacity unless I get tapped for a writing gig to chronicle the 2am $10 min bet blogger Pai Gow game at the Gold Coast.

Time will tell as will my wholely amateur review of Pittsburgh Blue steakhouse in Maple Grove stemming from next week's anniversary dinner is still being pan seared with butter.

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