Monday, August 03, 2009

The Write Kind of Work

Did I get the story out? Use too many sappy puns? Not format it corrrectly? Would the players agree with the action?

Fretting over my recaps used to be a cause for extra stress come Monday morning with emails and IMs to people who do this for a living and much better than any Dollar Store to their Macy's/Nordstrom's ways with putting out poker action for the small but loyal audience on the interwebs. But, I enjoy every Sunday (at least its been that way for the past two months) that I get to sit down with nine players from around the world and watch them play online poker and translate the pixels into (hopefully) a readable format.

While I understand that change will alter this fact some time in the future, my hopes on keeping this gig for as long as I can not only for the money but to break the monotone, underachieving grayness of my decision to stick with the corporate world in a job where my "talents" get shoved aside for the sake of production versus creativity. I enjoy the workplace, but the 9 to 5 work could use a fresh coat of paint whereas every Sunday night I get a blank canvas as 4,000+ or 8,000+ online rounders provide with their great or downright fishtastic play in a game that my enthusiasm seemingly has a bottomless pit for.

Poker media will change, I just hope my brush is bright enough to be included in that.

Navel gazing done. And so is this Sunday Warm-up write-up at


T-Jack goes down with a knee sprain while I was at the cabin/trailer trying to figure out the physics behind my bedcovers not pulling upwards while sleeping sideways on the bed after a late night of play money Pai Gow and sailing with the Captain and of course Dawn Summers is there to gleefully try to tilt my life with visions of Chilly running to the nearest phone booth for Brett Favre's tractor phone.

But, this news was completely offset by the announcement of mountain sized Phil Loadholt and Percy "I might be Randy Moss Jr." Harvin signing and getting into training camp.

A shored up front line after losing Birk to free agency and another play-maker on the outside to spread the defenses for the Purple Jesus to not have to run through 9 players in the box. All looking great on paper, we'll see against the Browns in a little more than a month if the paper turns into reality and if The Wife will be wearing Purple and Gold in December again :)

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