Tuesday, August 01, 2006

World Series of Poker Thoughts From the Virtual Rail

Please keep the WSOP coverage coming guys; we know you’re tired of staring at those Milwaukee Breasts errr… Best chicks and your sacrifice is well noted, if its not I’m happy to throw praises your way, every day, I just may, what the hay (please stop me, seriously)! Thank you again for bringing the five senses to the coverage of this event, despite its bloatedness, there’s still prestige for poker players behind becoming a WSOP bracelet winner.

I still desire the chance to play or hell even bounce around as a greenhorn blogger for a week. Last year just walking into the massive Rio to view Event #2 was breathtaking for this small-time poker fanboi. Its not the players I’m in awe about, it’s the event itself and what it represents, not who is currently tarring its image with bad dealer relations and using cards better suited for a quarter poker game up at my cabin in Northern Minnesota on a humid evening. Granted there were improvements made or at least attempted over last year’s first attempt to capture Benny’s vision of a grandiose poker tournament for all to enjoy.

But, I’ll leave those opinions of the “improvements” to those who are actually walking the floor, taking diligent notes, sweating the players, and hitting quads while hanging out at the hooker bar. A third hand observation of how Harrah’s could improve on the customer service (players ARE paying a steep fee, thus ARE paying customers) at the WSOP is no better then these spout out-of-any-orifice “Online Gambling ruins lives” articles that have been popping up lately because of the recent House bill passing. I thought sports fans were horrible about “jumping on the wagon”, it seems that a profession like journalism should be able to remain impartial or at least present both sides of the argument and not overstate such sage advice like “click the mouse, lose your house”. I clicked my mouse last night and lost $10 to BobbyBracelet because Twins waited until the 8th inning of the third game in the series to cash in all of their luckbox plays. Of course they had no problem in taking out their frustrations on the Rangers last night.

I know your suggestions may fall on deaf ears since the WSOP is now owned by super-mega-galactical corp, instead of a gent with a Stetson and a Colt. Granted, I doubt Binion would be able to cater to the 8,500+ players like he did years ago. But, with all of the disposable assets that Harrah’s has to give those players, the luster of this tournament it seems as though they’re falling short of the mark. Somewhere there’s a bridge between Benny’s hospitality and Harrah’s corporate muscle that could bring the players the experience that I have in my dreams as a player.

It may seem far fetched but I believe the bloggers who are covering the tourney (not just its glossy highlights) can be an open suggestion box while not deterring from what makes them such fun reading on a daily basis. Simply forming opinions and writing about the going-ons of the event in their voice (not some journalistic textbook) will hopefully hit the ears necessary to bring a change before its too late.

Although it may not seem like it, you ARE appreciated guys. Keep up the great work.

I was going to write up the remainder of my guy’s weekend but after this little poker-ish rant I’m out of English words to type for the day. Softball was just a tad draining last night despite the kindness of the clouds dropping the temperature from 100 to about 85 in five minutes flat towards the end of the second game.

Thanks for dropping by, now please welcome my newest sponsor Launchpoker.com!

And for whatever reasons I did not include one Jason “Spaceman” Kirk reporting for Bluff that has been broadcasting live from the WSOP thru Sirius channel 125. Pimping is hard stuff when there are so many choices!

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