Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bodoggie and Orange BBQ Mix Just Fine

Whether you placed 1st or 18th doesn't matter tonight.

Bodoggie. 1 WSOP Main Event package. Let's play.

Saturday: I'll be eating here if there's any luck involved with getting the family shuttled out to Charelston on time. Or snacking on orange BBQ wouldn't be horrible as well.

I've been so busy lately I totally forgot I was going on vacation by the end of the week including bringing Kyra on her first flight! I can hear Pauly groan from the Rio with stories about unrestrained kids on airplanes. We have the coloring books, snacks, and stickers all set, but besides a fifth of Jack Daniels and soda in her Dora the Explorer cup, any other parenting tricks out there for getting a "spirited" child to sit semi-quietly so I don't need to deal with the balding gold card carrying business traveler from Fargo blathering about the wild child who thought my daughter was cute until she decided that a toilet was too inconvenient to dump her Burger King kids meal waste and exclaims over and over "I GO POTTY!" until her degenerate father finally breaks away from his Cap'n Coke while listening to the podcast of the KFAN Power Trip Morning Show to deal with it.

Thank you kindly, and good luck to all those playing tonight. But, I was perplexed by this. Claim he sucks at poker all you want, but outing someone for cheating because you don't understand the play is like going for the anal fisting on the first date without lube. At least ask for the ass before doing so.

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