Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Happy Meal or Filet Mignon?

A quick question for the poker junkies out there then I need to return to the world of poorly crafted Access databases while I yern to know more about SQL and acquire more database knowledge:

Blinds 300/600/75
You have 3,000 chips behind after posting the big blind, folds around to a biggish stack of 22K who limps(!) on the button just three before the bubble of the daily double tourney. The small blind completes and you hold AQo.

Now the following constraints:
- You've already cashed in the other half of the daily double but are at just below par in chips on the other table.
- If you fold you WILL make the double cash before the blinds come around and a bonus for doing so ($20-$50) with the buy-in at $12 a piece, plus whatever happy meal money you receive on this table unless you double up about 15 times in a row (basically a win of $30 + ($20 to $50) - $24) but less of a shot at the $20K+ for the double win jackpot.
- You have zero fold equity from the big stack as he's a decent player (beside the afformentioned limp on the button) and understands live cards = auto-call
- Your 4 year old son thinks its a great night to test dad how many times I can get up before dad is forced to watch the second half of the Star Wars trilogy on DVD with George Lucas added features!!!11111
- Porn searching has come up dry this evening and you would rather just go to bed after not getting a shot at Smokkee's bounty in the bodoggie

After answering, please return to the WSOP coverage including CK's $1,500 O8 tourney recap.

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