Thursday, April 02, 2009

SCOOP PLO8 Low Limit Live Blog

8:20pm - Thanks for following, hope the wife doesn't smite me for that last NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Take care guys and be sure to hit up the for the final recap tonight, and I'll be covering the low buy-in 2X Chance turbo tomorrow night.

8:18pm - Out, rivered by a naked A2 draw that hits a wheel on the river for 54K in chips.

8:17pm - 575/796 lets go chips!

8:11pm - AA26 suited no match for A24T all diamonds, gets broadway on the river, back to 25K.

8:09pm- Daughter chooses Berestein (sp?) Bears for the 17th consectutive night, like me asking for a blowjob from the wife, its almost a given.

7:57pm - like whoa. AA35 gets there against a small stack hitting a wheel vs. A2JJ, Wyatt yells for NO JACK!!!! I'm near 30K. And its break time and DAMN IT KYRA NEEDS HER LIBRARY BOOK OR ELSE!!!!

7:45pm - If you're getting bored of my road to a free night at TGIFriday's here's some boobs for you. Click here.

7:41pm - hand slap back to 21.9K, wanted to see a flop with a low cards, big stack bitch slapped me.

7:33pm - DOUBLE!!! Aces gOOt for a big slice of a split pot and I'm up to 26.7K.

7:26pm - I'm breaking out this video:

7:22pm - Hand for hand? Yes, it is true, I may not totally suck at the Omaha. Busto in HORSE when flush draw and slight low are looked up for a HUGE $1.45 profit in 36th place! I may go dancing in the street as a result.

7:17pm- High rollers enjoy the structure hate the 20% payout table. Of course they are the two big stacks at the table. Moved up to 18.8K on another bluff, I need to slow down a bit with 500/1000 blinds.

7:09pm - Very much in the HORSE with 8.5K and 750/1500 blinds, PLO8 still below average puttering around with chips and not doing much 14K currently and 400/800 blinds.

6:51pm - Break is brought to you by Bad Idea Jeans. The SNL skit that just won't die but should be replayed everytime you think its a great idea to live blog, drink, and chat with your good friends.

6:48pm - Break time! Currently at 14K in chips which is off the average of 21K and 1086/1744 with 1440 pulling some coin tonight.

6:45pm - good luck kiss from almost three year old. These people don't stand a chance even with Kirby RIGHT BACK AT YA! now displayed prominately on my TV.

6:40pm - thank you random person placer, 50K stack now on my immediate right why must you take my attention from this kick ass mac and cheese?!??!!?!

6:35pm - GambOOOOOOOOOOOOl! Double when I fade the ace high flush draw versus my low plus straight flush draw and hit and god this mac and cheese is the bestest ever. 14K!

6:33pm - Wife delivers mac and cheese with Brats mixed in. I heart my wife!

6:31pm - Runner-runner in Stud set me back, still alive with the PLO8 6,875 in chips

6:24pm- Wife and kids are home, must. act. normal. Or not get all excited about pulling off a bluff in a $3 HORSE tourney during Razz. At 4K with blinds at 200/400. PLO8 down to 6.5K blinds moving up to 250/500

6:19pm - AA88 ds is a great hand.... TO POOP ON! Still nets a few chips and I'm still at 7.8K

6:12pm- Get retarded with lock low, hoping to grab a pot annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd yes! 7,375.

6:07pm - Mild comeback, 5.7K caught nothing, love nothing, want chips as the blinds go to 200/400

6:01pm - Then of course I try to trim chips off the big stack who calls me down with a six high flush draw. Down to 4.5K

5:59pm - Avoid disaster against big stack on a raggidy board hitting two pair. He has top set, would have rivered a boat and gone busto. Thank god for drinking a chatting!

5:42pm - WHOA! I still have chips in the HORSE tourney. Yep, looking like free happy meal baby! I'd like to thank Nadia for her continued support of this site despite my falling Goggle numbers from Bodog. Gracias.

5:37pm- Chatter still five points of awesome at the table, wavering around 8K having to make bluffs at the moment. Big stack hit 50K briefly. Now second break 8,475 in chips blinds at 125/250 and I'm loving the structure.

5:21pm - for the low low price of $11 I get comedy gold at my table Q9J3 is SHOCKED, SHOCKED I TELL YOU when a wrap wheel and flush draw gets there versus his top two

5:15pm = $2 experiment done, low on chips and low on self-esteem I take the porn slapper's 89s and race it against ATs. I do not get the money shot.

5:11pm = Never play ATo vs. the poker of K2sOOOOOOOOted. You will lose. Alive in the $2 donkfest after the setback. May go for drink #3.

5:08pm = Holy I-sucked-off-the-Stars-RNG someone just arrived with 34K in chips, make that 40K. Sigh.

5:01pm - Good gravy people, when I raise and you call pre-flop calling with J995 and the board reads AJJ8K, do not stroking yourself when I three-bet. Chips = 8.8K GET THERE!

4:55pm - Final tally 7,622 players and $10,670.81 going to me err... first prize. Ok, I need to pay for some blogger trips people. Not to mention the second payment on these hearing aids.

4:46pm - Damn penis. A248 folded pre-flop while taking a piss break. Flop AA8 and donkey wanted to give away monies.

4:41pm - Donkey slot pays off my pre flop push with AA27 ds, three kings on the board, he doesn't have one WINNER! Chips = 8K

4:33pm - Long time friend admitted he's never seen Metallica live. Wow. October in the Twin Cities baby!!!!

4:31pm - First break = 3,960 lost a bit with sOOOOOOOOted aces versus someone calling my pot raise pre-flop with 8872

4:27pm - Dumped a little with a flopped flush and the third nut low, had to fold on the river to a paired board and heavy betting 4,360 chips.

4:21pm - Drizz withdraws chips from the donkey! AA72 go for 3,950 chips and back up to 5,560. Sticking with the low limit theme, added $3 HORSE in 20 minutes.

4:15pm - Dollah experiment worked great until I hit the buy-in button. Out faster then a dick inside Paris Hilton's hoo-haa after a night of grinding douchebags at Pure north of 2am.

4:09pm - First real hand A234 suited, lets see some love here! Flop 2h 5s 9s WHIFFFFFFFFFF on turn and river, down to 3.7K

4:01pm - Threw in a $2 NLHE tourney, bust early? I think I can! Blinds now 40/80 sitting on 4.4K

3:54pm - hanging around, want noted donkeys chips but can't bring myself to play 9972 rainbow

3:45pm - added a $1 limit Omaha tourney for added pain, luckily AlCantHang is to the rescue with timely and healthier chat.

3:42pm- Get lucky with top set vs. straight and chop on the river 4,750 in chips

3:39pm- Prizepool topples $71K. C'mon daddy needs a scoop draw!

3:33pm- 5K in chips, blinds 25/50. First hand As2h6hJs, play a limp fold on a bad board.

3:15pm - This live blog is brought to you today by Captain Morgan and Feed My Starving Children. The first is obvious if you've read here before. The second, I just back from a volunteer shift bagging and palletizing food for the needy. Our group managed over 55,000 meals packed!

3:13pm - If you're not reading Shane Schleger's blog and enjoy poker, you're missing out. Take in his post about assholic 20-tabling hoodie bots in the online Sunday Majors. Spot on, and you might learn a little bit about those "pros" and how they think to win.

3:08pm - Since there's no live blog, and I'm on vacation with nothing better to do then enjoy adult beverages until the kids get home. I satellited in (stop laughing) for $3.30 after two people were kind enough to fight for first versus one of the three seat available.

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