Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Cruel Summer

I was thinking of how desperate Daniel was when he tried to get Ali (that's Ali with an I) back at the Golf n' Stuff despite her bitchy friends telling him to fuck off. But through determination, he got the girl, he kicked Johnny's ass, and got the trophy.

Poker has been tell me to fuck off for a while now. Do I listen? No, I'm still chasing curly haired, nicely shapened blonde around like a sex-craving frat boy. It seems that lately that I can't stop the bleeding but just pinch the wound enough so I don't get any blood on the carpet. I don't need to go into details because as many other poker bloggers mention, bad beat stories cause impotence and pre-mature male pattern baldness. I'd like to keep my locks of brownish-black hair and erection for another decade or so thank you very much.

I only played for an hour or so at Stars during its great double FPP happy hour. For those people out there who need/want to clear up some Stars bonuses, from 10-11pm EST you earn double the FPP points for cash games (not SnGs from what I've seen...). Excellent promotion, excellent site. I may sound like a shill, but I've been nothing but happy about the way this site treats their players despite the Atari/ColecoVision/Commodore 64 card graphics. Keep up the good work guys! And if I mention Stars, I gotta mention the awesome job of a certain elevator baron who's covering the WSOP.

Last night was another disappointing one for the co-ed softball team, we lost despite coming back from a 16-2 deficit to tie the game in the 6th inning. And man was it HOT. With the rainforest-like humidity, I was surprised some people didn't keel over mid-inning. The beers after the game were a pleasant surprise, but not good as the big banner I saw at our sponsor's bar....


I had to remove my cup to prevent discomfort.

The tournaments are put on by an outside company which name alludes me because I'm a douche who can't remember to take home a flyer. Next week I'll try to remind myself to pocket a promotional sheet. 5 tables with chip and drink holders and a "final" table complete with a soft ring around it made this look very professional. The company is sponsored by and after speaking with head honcho Alan it seemed like they have a solid backing to make this work, and have been running these tournies in other states for sometime now. Basically it breaks down to collecting points based on order of finish in their nightly tournaments at different bars in the metro area (there's three different bars per night during the week). Those who qualify, move to a regional tourney, from there to a national tourney on for a shot at the WPT or WSOP seat. My negotation skills from being a credit card collector weren't strong enough to convince the wife and Little Drizz to stay until their 10pm tourney :( I mentioned to her the level of play rivaled that of the Excalbur and that I'd actually have a shot at not coming in last place... but I got the same look I get in bed when she's tired and I'm not.

Yep, blue balls for this guy tonight.

Not being able to drive blows. Maybe I'll just make the 2 mile run both ways to play. Yes, I love poker even if she's having second thoughts about letting me go to third base.

Thanks for dropping by, now if you haven't been following Pauly's WSOP adventures you suck.

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