Monday, June 27, 2005

Yes, I'll Take A Smile and a Coke

Don't forget the Captain Morgan.

*deep breath*

More exciting losing poker played by yours truly this weekend. A couple of times I thought I'd be in front of the keyboard this morning with a nice, pretty screenshot of my first MTT cash in 3-4 months, or conquering the extremely soft Omaha 8 games.

But it didn't happen.

I think JoeSpeaker summed it up nicely over the weekend after finally catching a high pocket pair after no playable cards for nearly an hour (Hilton Sisters, no less) and running them right into the cleavage of AA... and 99 who sucked out both of them.

"I hate poker"

This weekend I agree... to a point.

It started with a couple of dollar hungry bloggers who got together Thursday night in search of the perfect game. While on Stars, Maigrey was kicking ass in a Stud 8 tourney, JoeSpeaker was rolling along in a satellite, I was doing great in a $5 satellite myself, and Joanne... well she's from Canada. I kid, but she was playing great as well :)

But, then the thunder rolls, and lightning strikes because all of got busted within minutes of each other. House over house, Hilton Sisters got their trust funds cut off, and I went for some reversed implied tilt odds with the hammer and got called. No, I lost in my usual whinny "money in with the best of it" manner with AK vs. AT. I secretly wonder who made up these "numbers" of which hands are statisically better then others. According to the "books" I should be a multi-millionaire making fun of budget boys and scoping pluckworthy honeys.

Despite the horrible results I've been returning, I trudge on with the tenacity of a guy trying to get the attention of the class hottie despite her dad's obejctions.

No, I would not subject a female to my voice in song, with or without accompanying boom-box.

Friday and Saturday morning were spent licking my wounds at the cabin. Taking Little Drizz to the pool both days was definitely a highlight. Nothing like a kid with a healthy set of lungs and hatred for swimming to cure that rum-addled headache. It wasn't all that bad, he finally getting used to the water and as long as there's toys to distract him he does have fun. I even got a solo round of golf in. Shot a five over par on the executive nine hole course, including a couple of chip ins which brought a smile to my face.

On Saturday night Al, Tony "why the fuck is that donkey playing 448T" Nardi, Felicia and myself played for more low stakes PokerStars fun. First up, limit Omaha 8 or better. No McDonald's apple pies for myself, BG, Al, or Felicia as we all went down in flames. I played 3 hands to the river and almost made it to the second break. I think card death isn't a strong enough description.

Then CJ and G-Rob hopped into the Yahoooooooooo chatroom (I think G-Rob stumbled in, hopping probably would have caused bodily injury). I fired up a dollah SnG and CJ joined me, Joanne, and BG. 45 start for the holy grail of online first prizes.... fourteen dollars. Yes, that means you could afford to buy a drink by the pool next time you're in Vegas. Do you see the excitement I'm building up here?!?!!?

The whole point is... the cards didn't matter, the tournament didn't matter, and we had a blast. G-Rob spent most of the time as a teleprompter for Walker, Texas Ranger. Never did find out if Walker was able to right the tumbling plane while saving the baby calf and completing a roundhouse kick to the bad guy's face, I hope he's ok. There was a big discussion of the current bloggers covering the WSOP, envy more then discussion really. I think we got a visit later on from Chad, April and a country-hopping Glyphic, next time you guys better bring some dollahs to play along! Bust-out? Yeah, I busted out, on the bubble no less. Did I care? Actually it did hurt for about .5 seconds. It wasn't the money obviously, it was the continued bad luck. I got AA vs. 97o... runner-runner straight and IGHN. Sigh.

The point to all this? Poker is a social game. If you want to survive the beats, Hairy_Palm's online taunting, and bankroll fluctuations... find some friends who enjoy the game and discuss it with them. Even while I was steaming the following day due to a bad bust-out late in an another tournament, Joanne was there to tell me her similar experience with a long dry streak. Feeling better, I played a solid game and chopped a $20 SnG for a $50 profit and made up most of what I lost during the day.

And ended the weekend with a smile on my face. :)

Thanks for dropping by, now go here to see how YOU get a perfect set of pearly whites.

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