Thursday, June 16, 2005

Sometimes The Best Laid Plans...

... just don't work out

I was going to post a photo-post of yesterday's St. Paul Saints baseball game. If you're a Twins fan, its sooooooooo refreshing to watch a game outdoors, not to mention the tailgating in front of the stadium starts four hours prior to the first pitch (some people don't even bother going into the game either). Beer was reasonable priced ($1 for a 12oz. Grain Belt). The constant in-between innings skits were fun (human bowling and karoke with a real Japanese guy were a riot). I'll put up the photos tomorrow sometime while the wife is beating quarters out of little old ladies in our gargage sale.

I got to chatting with JoeSpeaker last night and a couple of ill-advised, half-assed SnGs lightened my wallet through superb donkey play on my my part like pushing AQ from a re-raise based on a "read". I think my BS radar was down for the night as he turned over AK. I saw him min-raise with AA into five people in a prior hand (is this a new trend or something???) and his raise this time was 4XBB and smelled like Ax (X being smaller then a king... :P ). Oh well, learning experience noted, twenty dollars paid in full for the lesson. I broke the cardinal rule of playing online poker... I was playing with pants on and I deserved to lose.

I don't know why I didn't just jot down the other nine people's names and transfer them a share of the entry fee. I could have gotten some more sleep that way.

At least the ring game at BoDog was hopping with wonderful people who CALL all-in pre-flop with powerhouse hands like A4o and J9o. No, I wasn't playing the Chicklet ante games, this was a $100NL game.

"Dude my baseball parlay hit so I thought I'd play poker". Thanks for depositing at Banko De Drizz, come back for our low-risk CDs, mutual funds, and sometimes weak-tight play! Playing at a site with a casino or sportbook directly connected to it is gold. I can see why Josh Arieh and David Williams take up residence at this site when they're not busy winning bracelets at the WSOP. Congrats Josh!

Not much content today since all of my pictures I took yesterday are at home and not transferred into my Photobucket book. I'm forgetful like that. Ooooo shiny object. Sometimes it seems like I'm two steps from ending up like a certain fought over vegetable. SHE WAS IN A COMA AND NOT GETTING OUT YOU DOLTS, LET HER REST IN PEACE. Sheesh, fuckin idiots. The family is STILL on the husband's case post-mortem despite people with more letters behind their names then a week's worth of Seasame Street telling the parents she had been brain dead for quite awhile, and there was no signs of abuse.

Much like the clueless wonders who call your river raise on PartyPoker with Jack high... they just don't get it.

Deep breath, happy place. Ugh, I'm still at work and not at the MGM Grand with a Cap'n Coke firmly in one hand, holding 99 and facing a re-raise from BG (thanks again for demystifying the exotic bets, I'll be sure to toke you after hitting the Pick Six this weekend at Canterbury).

Thanks for dropping by, make sure you send your dad the very best on Sunday for coaching you in all those Little League games, and not laughing when you realized for the first time why you should never forget your cup while playing third base. Not that I had any personal experience with that... oh stop laughing at me, it hurt damnit! :)

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