Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Appropriate Usage of the English Language #29

If the wife is in charge of the alarm clock and does not fulliful her duty of setting said device on a day you have a meeting downtown with some higher ups and should try to look a shade better then just-finished-a-bachelor-party-weekend-in-Vegas.

What do you say to the wife to assure you're not upset that some Ivy League MBA with a fresh pedicure and fresher line of sarcasm is going to stare at your stubble instead of listening to a proposal?

I opted for "its fine" with nary a hint of sharpness. I'm sure other scribes out there have faced such a decision whether to let their inner Waffles out on a small error such as this.

Poker advice of the day: Words you want to hear "I didn't think he was that big"

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