Sunday, December 18, 2005

Drizz The Greek's Week 15 NFL Picks

Trip report will be done tomorrow since I've been busy de-flooding the basement and running to every christmas party from here to the North Pole.

Thanks to the Mile High boys covering and hitting the over last night, I'm freeballing today. Not like JoeSpeaker of course.

Here's my uneducated guesses for losing money to those wonderful off shore betting parlors on the internet. Unless you're lucky enough to be able to wager at Mandalay Bay in person and ogle at the V-Strung waitresses while you watch your 4 team parlay go down in flames.

Two Team Parlays:

Vikes +4, Jags -15.5 (I hope Sean Salsbury eats dirt after this one, counting out my Vikings is not a way to treat your former employer)

SeaChickens -7.5, Cards -2.5 (Today's most unwatchable game unless your name is April)

Colts -7.5, Over 52.5 (I'm weary that the Colts will play pre-season football here, but someone's gotta stop the 72 Dolphins champagne bath)

Wasted Money Parlay of the Week:


All straight up money line bets, where else can you turn $5 into $130 outside of PartyPoker?

Thanks for droping by and SKOL VIKINGS!!!!!!!

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