Monday, December 05, 2005

Purple and Gold

Purple and Gold, Purple and Gold
Everyone wishes for Purple and Gold
How do you measure how much a backup quarterback is worth?
Just by winning games give us pleasure here in Minnesota

Purple and Gold, Purple and Gold
Mean so much more to win then to lose
Purple and Gold decorations
On every Christmas Tree

(From Burl Ives’ “Silver and Gold”)

Tis the season to watch Rudolph 15 million times on CBS, and by now fans of the Vikes should have been bitching and moaning over their lost season when Daunte’s knee got turned into pureed Buddig lunch meat.


The defense stepped up once again yesterday, and Jason Hanson WOULD HAVE kicked all the points had it not been for a bad call on a punt in the third quarter. By the way… nice job taking out the punter, class act. Mronos.

Going bingo to Koren Robinson on the first play set the tone to show the Vikes were not go to stick to little five yard slant patterns all day. Just giving the other team the HINT that you can throw the deep ball opens up the offense enough that even Michael Bennett can scamper for a few yards.

Are the Playoffs a possibility with four games to go? Vikes’ schedule isn’t getting any easier. If the Vikes can beat either the Steelers or Bears, I see no reason why they shouldn’t make the playoffs. Wow, five weeks ago all Viking fans could discuss was sex on the high seas of Lake Minnetonka and who would look good in Purple and Gold with Tice’s headset on the sidelines. Is this bandwagoning? Maybe, but I’ve been a loyal fan from Bud Grant to Les Steckel to Anthony Carter to Pat Williams, its good to see the Vikes right the ship when they have faltered in the past.



84 hours from now flight 781 from Minneapolis (non-stop) arrives in Las Vegas, Nevada (food for purchase, no meal given). At that time this blogger will be seeking his first slot machine, as tradition, to play at McCarran airport. But, this time is a little different as I’ve never celebrated a birthday outside the state of Minnesota. Are there different laws to the “puke and rally” theme in Nevada?

What’s that? Casinos serve free alcohol?

My liver is in trouble.

One thing I have never done in the past is make sure I drink enough water, this has been recommended by the patron saint of SoCo shot consumption and endorsed by a New York City pharmaceutical representative. A bottle of Dasani attached to my hip while downing unknown alcoholic beverages will be mandatory. This sensory overload I’m sure all bloggers have been experiencing is bound to lead to disappointment like finally having sex with that one girl you’ve dreamed of since junior high school swimming class.



I had doubts before my first WPBT live event and they were immediately quashed by the time my first Cap'n Coke arrived for the mixed game at the MGM Grand. Who thought losing $100 to friends would pay back itself? The people you will meet in Vegas are exactly as they come off in their blogs. I am sarcastically geeky. Granted my one-liners come off a little slower due to my work accident, but if you sit around and wait 15 minutes I’m sure I’ll say something funny or at least look stupid while searching for the punch-line.

I see a lot of people writing “I’m a wallflower” or “I don’t meet new people with the suaveness of a politician”.

Neither do I.

When you can only hear half what people are saying, and can’t say what you mean, its quite tough for me to feel confident enough to go up to a total stranger and start up a conversation about whether its correct to inform a supermarket cashier that they missed ringing up a item. Yes, I informed her that my Cocoa Pebbles did not get rung up last night. Sheesh. Damn Catholic upbringing. Then again I’m already going to hell, so why not get a free box of cereal with an offer of a free music CD (after you send in 4 UPC labels)?

The point to my usual incoherent rambing is… meet someone you’ve been reading for the past year. Learn a few things outside of the written word on the felt. Play Pai Gow at 4am with a country-hopping blogger and make fun of him when he suggests to play the bonus dollar bet and waste the dollar anyway.

Most of all… I know this is tough…


Poker is a social game to be enjoyed. Having mastery or beyond common knowledge of the game does give you an edge but you’re still gambling once the cards are turned over.

I struggle with my “I play better cards, therefore, I should I win” attitude during tournaments. While busting out with a 91% pre-flop favorite last night, I lost the control I have during my cash games and reverted to being a nay-sayer and table coach. In other words I was being the same dickhead we all hate at the tables.

I bring this up because guess what I’m going to want to bring up in Vegas when its poker strategy discussion time at 3am when the conversation sways more then a weeping willow tree during a windstorm. Anyone who’s read more then one poker book or considers themselves an “above-average” player has had this problem with tournament poker. Luckily an Encyclopedia Britannia of knowledge and wit will descend upon the Las Vegas strip in 72-100 hours from now.
Will you be singing SKOL VIKING LET’S GO with me at Mandalay Bay on Sunday?

I hope so.

Thanks for dropping by, now if you’re playing in the WPBT tourney and haven’t signed up for the UPF 3-man/woman challenge now’s your chance to take on Team Omatards! Chad, Mike, and myself will be squashing G-Vegas with quotes like “OMG where are my other cards?” and “Dude, I had a low wrap with a nut flush draw!” Good luck to all!

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