Thursday, December 29, 2005

When Wrong Seems Right

I brought my future wife to this movie as our first date because I found Pauly Shore funny at the time. I think someone spiked my Cap'n Coke.

Last night’s blogger tournament was breath of fresh air as usual; unfortunately the best hand I saw all night was AJs which lost a coin flip (go figure). Since I was card dead, I tried to spice things up by offering a bounty on April’s head which she took offense to by doubling up with the hammer pre-flop vs. someone playing a silly pocket pair of Aces. I think I busted out somewhere around 30th, right after the 1st break. Good to see the gaggle of bloggers that showed up for a mid-week/holiday private tournament.

The real fun was in the chat rooms and side game when EPT Champ Brandon Schaefer dropped by the blogger PLO table filled with Dr Pauly, GeekAndProud, on_THG, Veneno, Maigrey, and several others filtering in and out. The cash games were the bankroll killer tonight as I managed to lose two buy-ins, one on a decent draw, the other just playing stupid. Mix that in with my PLO8 cash game going nowhere as the table maniac managed to double up pre-flop (not against me) with 55TT, I applauded the play and promptly tagged the fish for later use when I’m feeling better.

Hey Drizz, did you notice that you signed up for a PLO8 tourney on Full Tilt? Ah, I knew there was a reason I stayed up besides to watch JoeSpeaker and Change100 battle it out in the blogger’s tourney (congrats to Change100 on the victory!). With 98 runners and getting quartered three times in the first hour (which was my fault), I didn’t really pay much attention to the tourney as the table chat was much more interesting as Gracie stated she wanted to enter the Women’s WSOP tourney. That of course got my attention as I’ve been pondering on entering the O8 tourney for quite some time. DrPauly was kind enough to dig up the WSOP information for the O8 tourney: $2,000 buy in on July 3rd at the Rio. What a horrible time!! Since it’s close to my wife’s birthday, and the room rates/airline ticket prices will be sky high due to Independence Day it’s not looking good. The buy-in does represent a decent chunk of my bankroll at the moment so this will have to be planned out and discussed with the dear and very pregnant wife.

Is it possible for a pregnant woman to be dear and patient? I didn’t think so. Maybe next year it will be possible.

Drizz you're still playing in the PLO8 tourney… I managed to sneak into the final table due to some rather interesting plays as the chip leader managed to beat two all-ins pre-flop with 8866, shooting me and my extremely short stack into the money/final table. Thank you sir. Two final tables in two O8 tourneys, I might be on to something here.


After watching the chip leader pull out another middle two pair hand to beat my forced all-in and Change100’s straight hitting the turn knocking Speaker out, I traveled upstairs to watch “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” reruns on the Game Show Network.

One word: Wow.

How the hell did these people get on a quiz show without being able to tie their own shoes? Velcro looks cool until you hit junior high buddy!

I’ll recount the three questions this COLLEGE GRADUATE WITH A MASTERS DEGREE managed to bust out on:

Question One: On Sesame Street, what was the name of Ernie’s bathtime buddy that he sang about? (he used the “Ask the Audience” lifeline in which 97% correctly answered “Rubber Ducky”)

Question Two: Which one of these instruments is often played simultaneously by two people during a duet? (choices… a) Piano b) Violin c) Clarinet d) Tambourine) He used the 50:50 lifeline on this one.

His bust out question… Which of the following choices is a famous French cooking institution? (choices… a) Moulin Rouge b) Le French Fry c) Le Cordon Bleu d) Arc de Triomphe

His choice was Moulin Rouge. Well played sir.


Watching some of these quiz show contestants reminds me of lower limit tournament poker. Granted I’m no expert, and I’m certainly not successful at it, but after playing in several of them over the past couple of years and seeing who managed to make the money/final table the solid player is usually left shaking his/her head on the sideline mumbling to him/herself about how bad of play it was to play *insert junk hand here* and beat my *insert top ten hand here*. These types of thoughts will kill your spirit on these lower buy-in tourneys.

Don’t let them.

View the tournament for what it is. A lottery with cards. If your number gets picked, congratuations you’ve won the prize! Even if you have 91 tickets (AA) to your rival’s 9 tickets (A-rag), your rival still has those nine chances of winning. Try reversing the situation, play some junk hands if you can get in with the right price. With escalating blinds and the inability to reload (in a freezeout or after a rebuy period), you can’t buy more chances unlike a cash game where you simply reload and wait out the rival. It’s easy to grumble about losing coin-flips (I need to practice what I preach) and suckouts, but if you keep it in perspective while playing these tourneys I believe it will make you a better player.

Thanks for dropping by, now here’s a little Walker, Texas Ranger webpage for a certain fan. It describes the awesomeness that is Chuck Norris.

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