Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Practice Makes...

… me mad

I vowed to do nothing but hit up tournaments this short week and try to work out the kinks in my tournament game. But last night’s foray into the tournament arena was met with the resistance of the current or 85’ Chicago Bears’ defense. No Super Bowl Shuffle for this donkey of the play chips as I managed to bust out of two tournaments before the breaks on plays where I felt I was ahead, was ahead when the money went in, and lost.

There’s something to be said about patience in a tournament game that I just don’t possess. If I feel someone is full of shit or that I have the other person beat, the money is going in. Sadly, this back-fires on me more often then not, and there’s nothing but a lost buy-in and thrown objects scattered across the basement. Back to hitting fungos and quick sets for me, as practice makes perfect, right?


Since I wasn’t playing poker the whole evening, that free’d up time to view the Iggles implode on their own home field. Three defensive TDs? Ouch. I think Jaws was ready to hop out of the announcer’s booth to toss a few fly patterns, anything to get the ball out of McPick and I’m-A-Detmer’s hands. Football does consist of 11 people on offense and 11 people on defense, but losing two (three if you add Westbrook) all-world players on either side of the ball are going to cause some problems. Then again, the Vikes are winning without Culpepper and Moss…

I purchased JoeSpeaker’s spoils from a little bet we had on our respective ball teams this summer. Unfortunately they won’t allow a 24 pack on the plane so I’ve had to pair it down to a 12 pack of bottles from Minnesota’s own Schell Brewery. I got a sample pack so there’s different flavors should one disagree with his palate. As for next year… Luis Castillo baby!!! Ok, at least he’s a step up from Tommy Herr, Steve Lombardozzi, and the latest abortion a gimpy Bret Boone. Now we need a third baseman, and we’re looking mighty fine for next year.


After the liquor store we hit up my parent’s house for my birthday dinner (early due to other obligations). Per tradition my mom makes our favorite dinner as a present.

Breaded pork chops
Cheesy potatoes
Crescent rolls

Simple meal for a simple guy. The wife doesn’t care much for breaded pork chops so this meal is a once-a-year thing and I made sure to stretch for 15 minutes before attempting to put a dent into the stacks of chops my mom laid out. I ate so much I didn’t even have my usual big breakfast this morning, which is haunting me now since all I got to eat at work is some Club crackers and gummy LifeSavers.

60 hours to touchdown folks, please make these hours go by quickly as I ended up watching Best of the Best last night when sleeping wasn’t an option. The ka-ra-te parts were cool as usual but that geeky russian dude kept me off-balance with his whinning. DONT DO IT TOMMY!!!!!

Thanks for dropping by, now if I win a couple bucks in Vegas... this is what I'll be purchasing (props to Justar from DAoC).

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