Thursday, December 01, 2005

C'mon Ride The Train


Anyone else remember dancing like a drunken idiot to this song?

Wha? You still do?

And you call me a dork. Sheesh.

Ok, the train is getting ready to leave the station folks. Seven days to the end of your normal lives and the start of partying like rock stars for three to seven days. Seven days to seeing those avatars in live competition. Seven days to seeing GRob’s hair in person and asking him to use his “TV voice” to announce his raises with 83o.

(Vince Van Patten) “It appears GRob has forgotten he can’t double down here Mike”
(Mike Sexton) “You’re right, the only person I could see making a move like this is the legendary Stuey Unger”
(GRob) “Will you two shut the fuck up, I saw Walker make this same move while executing a perfect roundhouse kick, and saving Girl from a burning barn while flying a helicopter and holding a newly birthed baby calf in the other hand”

Seven days to seeing friends.

Sleep? Yeah, that’s something I get listening to Burl Ives belt out “Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas this yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeear”. Is it cute or sad that I fell asleep watching “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” with Little Drizz in my lap last night at 8pm? Yet, another night of falling asleep on the couch but getting up to play poker afterwards. I did tuck Little Drizz into his new toddler bed and read him the Thomas and Tank Engine masterpiece “A Crack in the Track” before relieving a few players of their monies in a short session of PLO8.

Degenerate gambler indeed.

I was planning on moving up my level of play from -5 to -3 this weekend by sitting in front of the glowy monitor for hours on end and playing some tournaments on Full Tilt and PokerStars.

But the wife has other ideas.

Friday - Shopping at Mall of America! I guess the dent she put into the credit card last weekend wasn’t enough and the bankers at Citibank rejoice! At least there’s a Hooter’s there... for lunch purposes only of course. Watching Little Drizz flirt with the waitresses is worth the overpriced food alone. I’m hoping to find a NKOTB or a Color Me Badd poster to use for JoeSpeaker’s ultimate demise in the tourney.

Saturday – Reindeer Run. We do this charity run around Lake Harriet each year, despite the frigid temperatures and well, we never run for fun or exercise. Raising money for Toys for Tots while missing a few toes or fingers from the frostbite. I kid, its damn cold running around that lake but well worth it for this excellent charity that brings toys to those boys and girls who normally would not receive Christmas gifts.

Sunday – Birthday party for one of my friend’s kids. That’s father-speak for getting the friends together to watch the Vikes’ game in a different room.

Think Dick is ready to lead the Lions to victory over the suddenly resurgent Vikings defense?

Can Jason Hanson kick all the points for a win?

Will Andre Ware come out of the tunnel to hand the ball off to Sanders who sprains all the defender's ankles and stops to pimp an on-line brokerage site before scoring a touchdown?

My prediction: Vikes 24 Lions 12 (all field goals), and several shots of Millen with his hands over his face during the telecast wondering why his team went to shit once again after wasting yet another #1 pick on a wide receiver. SKOL VIKINGS!!!

If the Lions do pull it together and win I’m fully ready to hear the smack talk from the Nardi brothers in Vegas.

Thanks for dropping by, now if there any WPBT attendees I have not added to the blogroll, please stand up and announce to this deaf-mute that I’m slow and retarded and have not added you to the list.

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