Thursday, February 16, 2006

As You May Know By Now...

I didn’t win the Powerball.

Assholes didn’t even pick one of my 30 numbers.

One again my Comcast High-Speed Internets decided the $60/month that I paid for its wonderful service was not enough to actually function. No check-raising, No alone bids on Yahoo Euchre, No Tera Patrick.

Just a fun night of convincing Little Drizz that it was time for bed 15 times, “TREAT DADDY!!”, “NO SLEEP DADDY!!!”, “READ BUBBLE BOOK DADDY!!!!!!”. Of course I gave in to letting him watch Jeremy Bloom come a little short in his quest for gold (or any medal for that matter). I hate the “judging” part and moguls skiing in general but the story of being locked out as a college football player because of his Olympic endorsements seemed worthy of five minutes of viewing time. Finally after a bowl of Lucky Charms and reading “B” is for Bubbles he nodded off to the island of Sodor.

Tonight, I’m heading up to Grand Casino Hinckley tonight because of the gracious player’s club host that deemed my paltry live bankroll big enough to call and offer a room when none were available. There will be a little poker, a little penny slots, and a little Let-It-Ride being played. Little Drizz seemed more excited to go then I was while exclaiming, “CASINO DADDY, GO!!!” this morning after waking him up. He was actually a little upset that we pulled into my mom’s place instead of the casino parking lot.

Glad this kid has his priorities straight.

Thanks for dropping by, its my intention to write up the short trip tomorrow but should the Internets decide not to work, crazy customer/former credit collector Drizz will be placing a call into the Comcast Internets helpless desk. I lost two years of my life the last time the “tech” told me to use the “power surge” technique FOUR FUCKIN TIMES, after calmly explaining to this honors degree graduate of Hooked on Phonics that his “power surge” technique was about as useful as a limp dick on a porn set.

I pray for competency, and hope for at least mediocrity if forced to deal with calling in. And if they suggest I use their “online customer service tools” again, I might just flip the hell out.

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