Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Brokeback Internet

Why must thee go limp wristed on me? No porn, No WWdN tournament, and no pokery adventures/bad beat stories/brags for this morning. I was rolling along as a happy internet surfing monkey last night when my connection suddenly went out while watching the attractive Svetlana Zhurova tear up the speedskating competition. One concern… how big are those thighs some of those women had? I love an athletic woman, but I think most of the skaters could have walked up to The Governator in his Mr. Olympia days and called him chicken legs. Too bad about the Bode Miller hype, getting DQ’d after a decent downhill run, but the US did manage to snag the gold as “second fiddle” teammate Ted Ligety nailed his 2nd slalom run to win the combined event.

Note to NBC… more women’s curling (SKOL MINNESOTA!!!)

While I was setting up a home-game at my grandpa’s senior-assisted living complex over the weekend I managed to catch the US women’s hockey game (SKOL MINNESOTA!!!) vs. some country that’s not Canada so the US were going to pummel them like Chico's Bail Bond's Bad News Bears before Tatum O’Neal decided to show the boys that girls can play too. This place wasn’t your run-down depressing nursing home atmosphere. Leather reclining poker chairs, big screen TV, maple finished pool table, two octagon leather felted poker tables, and a dartboard for those who like that sort of thing. Mom made some teriyaki chicken wings and chocolate chip bars (the kind with too much butter that melt in your mouth before you even start chewing) and everyone brought assorted chips, dips, and Miller High Life! Can’t go wrong the champagne of beers.

5000 chips, 9 people, high stakes of $10 a person, and guess who won. I’ll give you a hint… he never wins coin flips, loves to surf the net for Lindsay Lohan bikini pictures, and occasionally leaves comments on other blogs.

Your hero took it down by playing good cards and staying ahead of the 15 minute levels and doubling blinds. Is it wrong to feel good that your grandpa’s flush didn’t get there after flopping a set? Afterwards, I “let” him kick my ass in a 3-man game of cutthroat pool afterwards so I didn’t feel as bad (disclaimer: while some people “pretend” they can’t play pool, I truly suck). $45 profit from poker minus $10 entry minus $1 lost to Minnesota Fats (aka grandpa) = $34 profit, not counting the 7-10 pounds I put on eating up the chocolate chip bars, wings, and drinking cheap beer.

It’s unfortunate that my family and friends (Burnsie managed to sneak away from his hungover wife to join us) can’t get together more often to play and talk a bit afterwards, because I don’t get to see them as often as I’d like. People in G-Vegas and LA are spoiled with all their home games that are readily accessible against good competition, while I get asked why I mucked A7o despite flopping a 7 on a board of 7 8 9 with two people betting. I like the interaction more then the action, the poker skill level is low, but the fun factor more then makes up for it. Perhaps after the wives are done squirting out babies, my friends will be able to get together on a more regular basis and maybe rival Murderer’s Row in the future.

Thanks for dropping by, now here’s a video found by my old DAoC friends. Pwned or Dickhead Parent? You decide.

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