Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Low Content Ahead!

Got a dozen Krispy Kremes this morning.

Snow fell last night.

Minnesota High School hockey is more entertaining to watch then 95% of the other junk on TV.

Didn’t watch King of Vegas last night, hoping that Chris TiVo’d it and will send me a copy of the episode :)

Who’s the Korean dude in the Seahawk’s uniform that I saw on Sportscenter this morning?

People at the supermarket who pack ALL of their items before bothering to pay with five people waiting in line need get their gonads chopped by a bear trap then have a very pregnant woman nag them to death for bitching about the loaf of bread being five cents too much after taking their sweet time to get up to the register and scan all 50 million items for cost. Love people watching, hate shopping, at least Little Drizz gets a free cookie (chocolate chip if your enquiring mind needs to know).

Kristanna Loken is rather attractive.

I finally beat my wife at backgammon; plastic chips can hurt when thrown.

Did I mention Krispy Kremes? Sooooooooooooo goooooooooooooood.

It’s a new month, here’s to hoping the cards are more kind in February. Peace.

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