Thursday, February 23, 2006

Comic Relief

Ok, I tried out the Stripcreator found via Mike's website and attempted some lame humor and misspellings (it wouldn't let me edit).

Enjoy the comic.

I'll be bouncing in and out this weekend, hopefully wager on some ponies, and finish up reaching the "Silver" status at PokerStars. After playing two hours at two tables of PLO8 ($100 and $200 tables) last night and only getting 45 "VIP" points, its gonna take a lengthy session this weekend to hit 1,500 points.

I promise some cute pics of a beat up Little Drizz this weekend. Unfortunately, he caught the wrong end of a door a couple of days ago while chasing a ball and forgetting that he has to open the door and not try to go thru it. So he's sporting a decent cut on his cheek at the moment.

Dr. Pauly is now covering the WPT Invitational, make sure to drop by for the Titty... er, Tilly shots. And see Former Star Trek Actor Wil Wheaton in action as he survived the first day!!