Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Not feeling well today, so I blame Gracie of course for passing the flu/cold to all the bloggers.

A quick hello to the newer bloggers I saw at the WWdN PLO8 side game last night. Hope you continue to write about this frusterating game we play in the years to come. And if you've never read my blog before... I have played PLO8 once or twice before ;)

Drop me a line to your blog I'm always happy to add new people.

I'm gonna go down a gallon of cranberry juice and a box of TamiFlu and try to stay semi-coherant for the day. Or at least I'll be able to pee without any plumbing problems.

Reminder: Be sure to gear up for "becoming" your favorite blogger on April 1st. I have my post ready, but pretty sure its gonna fall flater then Felicia's chest.

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