Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Merry Ash Wednesday

Shout out to all those getting the sign of the cross in ashes put across their foreheads today. I will not be attending mass since I don’t believe in the necessity of listening to the same program week in week out and a sermon that I can’t hear/understand anyway. I do believe in God, and may pick up my practicing Catholic card in the future but right now I don’t see a reason to attend mass except for weddings and funerals. I’ve always seen religion as a club activity; go if you want, when you want, maybe that’s why I don’t consider myself a person who currently believes in religion. People may disagree and state things like you are not a (insert your favorite deity worshipping practice here) if you do not actively participate in the church/synagogue/temple/dancing naked around a bonfire.

These are the type of zealots I detest. Go thump your bible and rosary elseware sir.

Ok, that’s my first and last postings on organized religion. There’s two subjects I rarely if ever broach: Politics and Religion. Reason? Nothing EVER comes good from discussing the subjects. Wanna piss off a room full of friends? Chat up about your religious and political differences or just tell your friend you banged his wife last night and she wasn’t as good as she was at his bachelor party. He may gain some insight into what you're telling him (that you're a dick for having more sex with his wife then he has in the past month), but he won’t want to listen to it because he already knows she’s bad in bed. Just like the friend has already has heard the arguments on the political cartoons that have caused the Danish people to come under fire for the first time since they allowed McDonald’s to bastardize their wonderful creamy pastries. A danish isn’t Danish is it?

Oh well, I be stupid.

My point is only in very rare cases (read Tri-Clops) does a political/religious discussion actually produce something informative without breaking friendships. I doubt CJ, GRob, and Otis would stop talking to each other based on posting their honest convictions. Personally I find it very refreshing to read their different takes on the same subject and with all three being journalist, having the ability to verse their opinions in a readable format even for cavemen like me . You guys are onto something and hope you’ll continue it.

Personally, I’d rather discuss something like playing 99 UTG on the bubble of a MTT with a shortstack, Lindsay Lohan: will she ever get those wonderful curves back, or why are the Twins adding the all-nursing home team in hopes of catching the White Sox this year. There’s a time and place for intelligent discussion but you won’t find it here. Nope, I bring the stupid and dish it out like Steve Nash on a fast break. Enjoy my single digit IQ ramblings.


New month, new page on the poker ledger.

I took in many lessons last month. How do deal with winning. How NOT do deal with winning. Where to find good free porn. How to piss away profits by staying at a table longer then you should. How to get Little Drizz to sleep when he refuses for the 12th time in one night.

But there’s a difference between learning and implementing. You KNOW when you get flat called not raised by that rock in the 6 seat that he has a monster, but you still bet into him with your top pair that’s no good anymore. You continue to play despite hitting your head on the desk twice from falling asleep. You watch “Deal or No Deal” and hate yourself for doing so ($5????? What the fuck were you thinking lady? There’s a small difference between $80K and $300K but a BIG difference between $5 and $150-$300K). And the gay doctor (not that there’s anything wrong with that), I think only the four dudes from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy could combine for the gayness (again, not that there's anything wrong with that) that he poured out on TV towards Howie. Since they’ve started with celebs helping out the “players” I fully expect Bruce Villanch to come on stage to help him when he gets down to four briefcases.

Thanks for dropping, now if you don’t like reading Bobby Bracelet you’re probably an uptight corporate stiff who’s one missed viewing of Mad Money on CNBC away from taking a 200 foot plunge from your cubical. Go over there and baste in his run on sentence glory. It was here that I learned about a newer blogger who is sending a shout out for pokery help.

Site: Noble Poker
Date: Thursday March 2nd, 2006
Time: 7:30pm ET
Password: charity

Chad O. just started blogging, and by just started, I mean the doctor just slapped his blog's ass and wrapped it in a blankey.

Anyhow, here is the info on his friend and why he's doing it.

This tournament is being held to raise funds to help out my good friend Leah.
On Tuesday February 7, 2006, Leah was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a very rare form of bone cancer. Medically, Ewing’s Sarcoma is best summed up as a cancerous tumor that attaches itself to a bone and destroys it.
As I could not find Canadian statistics on this I will use USA stats. In the USA, there are only 150 new cases reported in a year. Of those 150 cases, only 9% affect Leah’s age group of 20 to 30 which is the oldest age group affected.
Treatment of Ewing’s Sarcoma includes chemo, radiation and surgery to remove the tumor. On a more devastating note, this form of cancer can result in amputation of limbs or even death.
Leah is a vibrant, confident, caring, beautiful woman who would do anything for anyone of her friends. She is the exact type of person who does not deserve to be going through this.
Leah lives in Regina, Saskatchewan and because of this, she needs to travel to Calgary, Alberta for treatment. Her boyfriend Barry will be going with her standing beside her through every thing. The costs of both of them being away from work and living in hotels in a completely different province will be substantial at best.
I couldn’t think of two more deserving and devoted friends who need our help. I want to personally thank you for joining this fundraising tournament to help my friend Leah through this difficult time. She really needs to focus on getting healthy and should not have to worry about the financial burden this will cause.

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