Tuesday, June 27, 2006

City of Brotherly Love

PBR… good beer to drink, bad beer to wake up from. I would have had some pics put up today but my friend Burnsie decided to spin some tales from my less constrained times for the softball team last night. Not sure yet if I really wanted everyone to know how I accidentally groped him instead of the girl on the couch with us during the wee hours of a party that I threw at my parent’s house.

But we won’t mention things like that.

And I blame tequila!!! Yeah, nice cop out there.

Not much to write about today since getting in late leaves little time for pokery goodness and sleep, so I’m going to defer you to BG’s most recent installment of “BG Rates Your Home Game”. These get better and better as he does more of them, but doesn’t that look like Lee Jones on the left with the fat guy in the wife beater shirt?

A true rounder that Lee is. And if you’d like to make sure he still has a job, make sure you’re taking advantage of the most recent reload bonus at PokerStars up to $120. The FPP requirement has gone up however to seven times the bonus, but playing SnGs can make those go by quickly. Just ask PokerNerd, throw 25 $55 turbo SnGs up at once and BAM! There’s almost the whole requirement right there and you’re done in less then two hours!

For those of who are less inclined to multi-table like a meth freak on a case of Red Bull and Full Throttle or don’t have $1,500+ to throw at the sharks in a glorified slot machine with cards, limit O8 ($1/$2 and above) is excellent way to whore the bonus with the least amount of variance. I’ll defer you to Felicia for O8 tips as my game is rustier then the Plaza’s urinal stalls.

I do regret not being able to attend the next WPBT live tourney next week in Vegas as I’m sure the players will show much restraint with the Republicans sitting across the room from them.

I’m setting over/under on the number of trips by the poker room staff reminding the bloggers to “please refrain from boisterous political remarks” at 25… by the first break

Alas, I do seem to have this flight locked up, not sure why…

Minneapolis to Philadelphia
3:55 pm - 7:37 pm

Philadelphia to Minneapolis
2:25 pm - 4:20 pm


I’ll be the tall, skinny powder snow white guy with the slurred speech and bad music taste trying to figure out which way is up after being with Al for more then five hours (no getting called home this time!!!!). Lock it up and leave me a clear line to the bathroom!

Thanks for dropping by, now are there any Twins fans out there who wished the head office would have gotten their collective heads out of the inner regions of their colons sooner?

They won’t win 100 games obviously, but I think its time for another prop bet of Macha’s All Star T-Ball team vs. Da Twinkies with Speaker for best post All-Star game record. I’m feeling a little more confident now and its not their recent play, it’s the new lineup.

Are you game sir?

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