Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Phil Hellmuth Makes Felicia's Head Explode

Phil's Poker Tip of the Day (per Rini's EXCELLENT calendar he dropped on me this winter):

"Hold'em is to poker what G-5's are to airplanes --- the biggest, fastest, and best!!"


Of course if Phil held 9 WSOP bracelets in Razz then we could expect that NL Razz would be all rage on UltimateBet right? GODDAMN BRICKS!!! I HAD A 6-PERFECT LOW GOING!!!111!!!!

Naw, kinda hard to get worked up about Razz, the game just slowly drains your life force despite being a rather addictive and challenging Stud variation.

Short post today as I just wanted to pop in and congratulate Wil Wheaton on a fine 3rd place finish in his self-named tourney last night, almost causing one of South Carolina's finest to sport this fine hair style to his next broadcast if the former Star Trek actor would have been victorious.

Think BadBlood or Otis would have paid to do the honors of The Hair (tm) styling?

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