Thursday, June 15, 2006

Out of the Office Reply

Future $25 NLHE pro at Party Poker. Found by PLO8 terminator Wintermute.

God have mercy if someone sucks out on his aces.

I was going to breeze up another thought-provoking post, but I need some rest and blankness for the next week or so.

The only things on my mind this coming week are going to be:

"Wow, how does that fabric manage to keep those things falling out?!?!"

"I hope the liquor store doesn't run out of Cap'n Morgan"

"FUCKIN GOLF CLUBS (*&%$&$^@# SLICIN PIECE OF SHIT @$@#@#%$!! I HATE THIS GAME!!#e!@#!@@, now where's that hot beer cart chick again?"


"Should I have another? Stupid question, let's call Al and get his thoughts"

I'll be dark for a week, but tonight I'll have time to throw up a few pics from Grand Old Days and maybe a few brag pics of the spawns before I leave Saturday morning.

And... I'll be up for playing some tourneys tonight since I doubt any attempt to sleep will be productive. Up for swapping anyone?

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