Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Demolition Derby

I looked at the pictures taken from the Sherburne County Fair's Demo Derby and the poor lighting kinda fubar'd most of the pics. Wish I'd gotten a couple of pictures of the crowd, very diverse group of human beings. I saw one lady who had some kind of huge tattoo running on, between, and below her tits while revealing just about the whole thing through some bikini top. Are you supposed to look? Because she was attractive in a biker chick/Brittney Spears trailer trashy sort of way. I looked anyways and went off to grab a pork chop and chocolate shake.


Here's a couple that turned out.

#500 is my brother's car which stalled during the first race due to switching batteries just prior to the race and finding out it was the battery actually died after two hits. He later came back with a new battery in the consolation heat to win ($35) and move on to the "feature".

Sadly the car decided to take an early exit to Pop's Garage in the sky as it ceased to turn over and got sold for scrap metal and parts before mixing it up in the feature for the big bucks.

Wyatt attempting to eat his Sno-Cone with his shirt. Nice job having him wear a white shirt knowing he'd eat some messy food at the fair. Yes, my lack of fashion and common sense is getting passed on to the next generation, fear the demise of GQ now.

And here's the essential cute kid pic of the new spawn for the ladies.


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