Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I Need a Vacation From Vacation

Another stamp of parenthood is realizing that work is actually more relaxing then spending a weekend/holiday with your kids. Suffice to say that I’m a tad worn-out from the running around from cabin to cabin this weekend. I still think our investment of the trailer plus land was excellent for getting away for the weekend, but having to sleep with a toddler who uses you as a Chuck Norris kicking bag and wakes up randomly during the early single digit hours of the morning makes for one tired auditor this morning.

Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with the family, and especially my friends up there. But, add one (or seven) parts alcohol, plus a few trips to the pool, some mini-golf complete with shrieking teens in little bikinis (is it bad to look?? I feel like a dirty old man) with little to no sleep and you get some minced words thrown up into the internets from this guy.

Did I read it right, that Dutch sucked out on Oi Oi Oi for a bracelet??? I think someone slipped the karma police some roofies. I also saw the Rafe Furst nailed a bracelet finally, congrats!

If any Tiltboys like low limit gambles… I’m setting the Over/Under on Norman Chad references to his 20 minute bust out in the Main Event a few years ago during the final table replay at six. Contact me if you’re game for a single digit wager.

Me, myself, and I tried to collude on making some money while playing poker. And all three of us wishes to give poker a collective middle finger and some choice four-letter words to the various pixelized cards that didn’t not favor us. If it wasn’t for some ITM finishes in a couple of MTTs I think my Gateway would have met I-494. Seriously though, I did enjoy getting back into playing again rather then having to draft up recaps of feeding Kyra at two a.m. while watching the Ronco network and their latest spinning Rotisserie Randomizing Range.

Poker was fun, poker was not profitable. Yes, I pissed away some funds on bad plays. That was my fault. Yes, I got set on tilt late in a PLO tourney and managed to go from top 5 to out of the money close to the bubble. That was my fault. But, I will not accept paternity claims by the chick on Maury who after FOURTEEN tries can’t find the right guy to draft child support checks for her seventh child (and no the other six were not from the same sperm donator).

“Are you my daddy?”

I think I asked that after Bobby Bracelet showed me his nut straight thus knocking over my second buy-in after I was fortunate enough to get my money in pre-flop with KK vs. AA with my first buy in. No love at Full Tilt still. I must have pissed off someone there while in my drunken haze last December. Note to Full Tilt staff… love the new interface, well done, please keep up the good work and please stop beating me up there! (this is said with the elusive internets sarcasm, do not try this at home I am a untrained amateur who can make English sound like Sanskrit all in one post).

I’m off to get fanboish and read up on the WSOP going ons from Pauly and Otis. Still knocking it out of the park guys, and I’ll repeat my pleads for you guys to stay sane while watching bouncy internet poker room trade show hookers er…. strippers… er models and those bricks of cash with shiny wrist wear being delivered to whomever managed to emulate the luckbox for that evening.

Your work is appreciated, and I’m glad the corporate stiffs with the checkbooks are finally realizing that.

Thanks for dropping by, now I’m gearing up to wish my wife a happy 30th tonight with a nice dinner at this Italian restaurant. I hope they serve mac and cheese with hot dogs mixed in!!

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