Thursday, July 13, 2006

My Only Win

This is where I started.

Its the only reason I have a bankroll currently.

You can also blame those 213 players for subjecting you to read my sad poker stories mixed in with a hint of being a proud daddy.

Since that MTT win two years ago, I have yet to win another. I know that I’m not much of a tournament player nor to do I put on rose-colored glasses while playing to think that since that win I’ve read a few books, blogs, and forums that I hold an advantage over some WPT-fanboi that’s wearing sunglasses while check-raising me with air. Unfortunately, there is a smoggy sense of failure that sticks in the back of my mind whenever I play. I’m not saying I change anything by becoming weak/tight or frightful that my good hand will get cracked.

“Oh, you just didn’t get lucky”

“Yes, I lost another coin flip at the wrong time”

“I had to take care of my kid”

"My boxers were on backwards"


On and on with a bunch of stupid statements that are meaningless whinny drivel better left for some post in the 2 + 2 forum bad beat section. I’ve batted the idea of playing strickly cash games versus tournaments around like a tetherball. Round the pole one way, and swinging back violently, whooshing the top of my closely cut hair. Is there a way over come this feeling of inevitability? Should I take the blue pill and forget about the journey I’ve taken since that victorious morning when I won some insignificant amount against some of the worst players on the internet?

Is it that I’m just not playing enough to overcome the variance? Totally possible. Given the fact that yesterday I got home from work and immediately passed out on the couch watching Sprout until Wyatt decided to wake me up for dinner in a not-so-polite manner (swatting me in the *ahem* midsection while missing my stomach). Also, he quite hasn’t grasped the concept of an indoor/outdoor voice yet.

And little Kyra who sleeps like the angel she is at my mom’s house but loves to hear her own voice between 2am and 3am while her parents are trying to sleep in the adjacent room gets a nod for helping go into a coma at 4:30 in the afternoon. Mix in some softball and a need to go outside to do some yard work and there’s not much time to plunk down a few bucks and a few hours for a tourney. I know I mentioned I would try to qualify for the WSOP this year as its still a dream of mine to throw away money like its grass clippings.

The only qualifers I entered were the blogger tourneys. Not exactly the greatest field of +EV to wage a shot at a free trip to the Rio.

I guess these are journeys poker players all take. The extended streaks of past wins and losses build up immunity to current triumphs and red marks spewed across your pokertracker or ledger. Thank goodness I have a totally gay online diary to rant on!

This weekend I agreed to lend my slender frame to the gods of softball. I haven’t play in one tourney all year, and I pick the weekend its supposed to hit 100+ degrees to pitch on Saturday and Sunday (at Diamonds in Ramsey if anyone is in the area, I’ll be on a rag-tag team wearing orange and a lot of sweat). Just like in tournament poker, I seem to have impeccable timing!

But, with the wife and kids away, Drizz shall be able to hit up some poker at night if I don’t use my face to stop a 100 m.p.h. batted ball and end up at North Memorial while they try to pick my teeth out of the back of my throat.

See you on the girly chat boxes this weekend.

Thanks for the dropping by, now go check out Pokerwire for up to the nano-second chip count updates from the WSOP.

EDIT: Paul Phillips rules... again. How can you not like the guy?!?! SoAMFP!!!!

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