Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Building Up After Crumbling Down

Ten-Eight versus Pocket Kings.

In several years of playing online poker not too many “beats” stand out. Granted before the UIGEA knocked a great deal of my online bankroll off-line, I would be found playing six tables of cash and tournament games at any given time so the beats went through my system like an undercooked burger on McDonald’s. Quick and a little too easy.

Was the above hand my shot to be at the Amazon Room right now, un-bagging my chips and getting ready for Day 2A? Or was it a sign to buckle down and start reading about poker again in hopes that the next time I would have the chips to absorb such a beat and continue on the quest towards a WSOP Main Event seat.

Instead I’m home watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, drinking some Lipton Ice Tea before tucking in the boy with a nighttime story. If there’s a next time, will the Bodog Blogger Tournament shine on me as it did through a couple of late finishes? I guess that’s the whole reason why we continue on after those bad beats, the chance to play again, and hope the odds swing in your favor the next time you play.

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