Monday, July 07, 2008

Lazy Fireworks

Sunday Million write up in the books.

I'm enjoy a little .25/.50 PLO after destroying a bacon omelet with enough fatty content to slow down an Olympic athlete's blood flow.

Even though "holiday" means time off work, it does not mean time to lounge around in boxer shorts watching 3.5 episodes of Sportscenter while tooling the LAG in the four seat and letting her spew chips with the same intensity of the last hooker on the Amazon room floor without a sorry sap to do the walk of shame back up to their rooms to console their tired souls with a well rehearsed blow job.

Clean the house, clean the trailer, clean ass, all duties that are fine to perform to make the family wheel run but its time-outs like these that make my vacation hours earned at work worth every TPS report I pour through.

Gentile Summit in three days. Hope my right hook will still put the host to shame for losing to a waif like me.

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