Monday, July 28, 2008

Tao of Borgata

My mind has been filled to the brim with domestic-like issues, avoiding poker like the plague, and side-stepping all the mouth-breathers at the Anoka county fair yesterday.

Note to self: Humidity + tired two year old + sweaty bikers + prison tats = Time to go home before getting hung by your colon

Before Kyra managed to start a fight in the grandstands while awaiting my brother's enterance to the Demo Derby, I took some level 14 evasive actions and brought my daughter home or could have faced the (rightfully) pissed off biker trio who were trying to enjoy some warm Schmidt Light and were on the receiving end of a size 10 child size sandles tap dancing their Harley bandanas for five minutes.

Tao of Poker, you've been there, you have seen Pauly's five year giveaway, and even though he's a die-hard Yankees fan (everyone has faults) there's no one better to bring our favorite game to life. Thanks for the sweat, blood, and stripper poles over the years sir.

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