Wednesday, July 09, 2008

When Is Nap Time?

Please remove the doom switch sometime soon m’kay?

Thank you.

Since poker has decided to slap me around like the trout out of water that I am, I have been adverting my attention to the plethora of other things going on (this is fancy talk for I run bad/I suck/I’m whining like a two year old that just can’t catch a break or got taken home from the park before I was ready to go).

Iggy. Main Event. Be sure to follow the wee-one’s size 1/8th footsteps (here and here) towards poker glory and possible sponsorship from Travelocity should he be anointed as the last midget left in the tournament by ESPN. Not as splashy or as hot as the “last woman in the tourney” as Maria Ho last year (but loved the rail pic from Wicked Chops this year, YAO!) but should he get railbirds like that I'm sure Wicked Chops will be happy to supply a few photos of the top of his head.

Gentile Summit is a mere 36 hours away from a drive down I-94 and I-90 towards Milwaukee to meet up with with StB at Potawatomi casino for a night cap of drinks and donkey poker before moving onto a sober weekend of watching Days of Our Lives and Golden Girls re-runs while playing Bridge and sipping on prune juice with more imaginary internet friends.

Three weeks after that is my annual guys weekend at the trailer/cabin for more late discussions of raising gas prices and possible war in Iran along with a few 18th century literary dissections over tea and crumpets. Fun.

Plus my boy’s first T-ball game next week, and since I’m selfish this is what I’m looking forward to the most. Prepare for cuteness and pictures.

Edit: Just checked since I use Yahoo... Google seems to have issues with this site as well. Who gave them the right to play internet police?

Edit to the Edit: Why the big labeling of "Professional Poker Player" in this sex ring bust story from CBS13? And no mentions of his inability to play pocket 8s in middle position while facing a raise?

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