Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fingers Crossed for South Carolina Poker

“You keep me dry daddy”.

New words to tickle my auditory senses as the hearing aids continue to deliver my kids’ speech to me daily. This morning, it was the groggy near-three-year-old-going-on-fourteen demanding shelter from the faux blizzard that dropped near-snow will threaten the flooding efforts to our west at the Red River. As I stepped across the slush to drop off four kids this morning (two of my own and a niece and nephew staying over for the past few days), Kyra gave some encouragement to get her in the house and lucky for me I caught every MUSH DOG MUSH until she was safely in nana’s hands.

After having four kids for the past three days, I have a question to those who decided that two were not enough pain for their wives to plop out on to this earth or to shut off the sperm valve via hot Marisa Miller looking-nurse flicking your limp dick while the Urologist makes the proper incisions while attempting humor to prevent you from thinking about the baby making factory being laid off permanently.


Why would anyone want this daily mass hysteria of four (or more) fickle mouths to feed and separate personalities to coddle when so-and-so took my Barbie Cappuccino maker which announces the daily special of fresh scones with every order. Dick Van Patten may slap a facepalm while reading this, but two is enough!

Ok, it wasn’t horrible. My niece and nephew were fairly good as the kids got along for the most point but my wife turned into some SuperNanny-ish woman during dinner time that had slightly less logistics then your basic 400 person major poker tournament (Dream Team tournament concept = gold, lets do this in December for the WPBT Winter Classic). Maybe she deserves a little spa time while in Vegas next week for the Vegas-lite trip that I’ll reserve judgment on until I throw my last twenty into the Wheel of Fortune progressive machines at McCarran five minutes for boarding to go back home.


If South Carolina’s PPA can get the ball rolling on defeating those 100+ year old nanny-state laws that ban risqué games like Monopoly, Strip Parcheesi, and our little card game of poker we may see a snowball effect for other states (except Utah where cleavage in public will net you a flogging) to follow in-line and wake up more states to the attempts in getting online poker de-UIGEA’d. It starts with the live game which has been around slightly longer, and ends with the fish at Party Poker being allowed back into the aquarium to call you down with fourth pair for their stack.

I tried following the PPA’s and Otis’ twitters this morning to piece together what happened but we’ll have to wait for an UpForPoker update.


Accepted apology?

Either I would never want to face the dead calm of Ryan Moats at a poker table, or this is some way to leave the bridge of a huge civil suit standing. The asshat police officer got a public repremand from his boss which rarely if ever happens, yet thanks to his union, if the officer can stand the shame of the public tongue lashing he'll receive over the next several years he'll be able to keep his job despite one of the worst displays of manhandling logic since any person moving deciding to live in Minnesota for the weather.


Who got more sleep last night John Calipari or G-Rob?

A good fit for sure, but why the decision "to sleep on it" for the Kentucky Basketball head coaching job? Why the cock tease John? Maybe the threat of Dan Monson considering the job would help you make a decision.

That was a joke folks, now go back to rooting for Notre Dame, the Yankees, and Cowboys.

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