Monday, March 23, 2009

The Grass Is Finally Green, and The Girls Are Pretty

Nice full weekend.

Got to finish up a short story which may get expanded in the future, for now she can rest.

Family and friends decided to brave the outdoors for the first bonfire of the year that carried zero percent chance of frostbite. This outdoors thing, I could get used to that.

Plenty of Chalk Madness on CBS while at the gym and on the couch. Only Lute Olson’s ghost is shuffling the only double-digit seed in to the sweet sixteen. Borrrrrrring. No Davidson, No George Mason, No Southwestern Central Idaho’s School of the Blind. Except for the chalk riders hoping to win their office bracket or have a rooting interest as alumni found the big seeds winning as exciting.

I do feel for that kid who stepped on the inbound line when down by two in the Marq./Mizzou game (which was exciting despite my limited views on college basketball). Still, he’s no Chris Webber.


If you would like a tutorial on late game big MTT play, I suggest keying in “” or James Mackey and asking for a pointer or three. After spotting the name late in the tourney, and watched the ATC re-pushes, the constant open raises, and a dab of restraint. The final hand of the Sunday Warm-up at PokerStars was played out oddly with the eventual winner, Buton77, calling a shove by Mackey with just middle pair/bad kicker and being right as Mackey held a draw. The straight draw would hit on the turn but also gave Buton77 two pair…

… which filled up on the river.

Not sure if I own a stomach strong enough to watch cards rain down like that for the $30K difference between first and second. Kudos to this young tournament wreaking ball, and props to Buton77 for not backing down during heads-up and making one hell of a call for the win.


I just realized its under two weeks until I will be in Vegas for a family-styled vacation, as opposed to booze and slowly peeled 5am Pai Gow. If you’re not a resident of the strip, could you put aside your degenerate tendencies with all of open opportunities of gambling and stripper glitter for a week of relaxation with those under the drinking age?

Should be fun, hope its fun for my son’s sake as I’m going there for him first, wife second, and me a distant third.

For someone who is definitely rockin his current place of residence, I direct you to Sir AlCantHang. If that video is locked, you missed out and I laugh in your general direction but be assured that bull is still laughing at me not only for the thigh bruises I suffered but for the fact that he got to ride those hot female forms multiple times.


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