Monday, March 02, 2009

Still Unable To Hold It Longer Then 30 Seconds

Wanted to start off Monday with a post my new Lee Major's-esque hearing but unfortunately I drove through some of the shittiest road conditions this winter to get to the doctor's office on Thursday to get met with:

"Sorry they're not ready yet".

We live of course in 2009 where electronic devices allow us to pass sound waves between two points without resorting to pony express or being able to read morse code. The office neglicted to use such wonderous technology and I was left with a need for pended up relief better left for a man who uses two lavender silk pillows for jacking off while watching Rachael Ray on the Food Network.

So, I wait until this Friday.


Ok, someone explain how the Vikes do this on Friday and sign Rosenfels (which I'll rant about later, seriously WTF Zigi?).

And now there's blogs and media outlets spewing out these talks about Jay Cutler possibly coming here (please, please, please, please)?!?!

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