Wednesday, November 30, 2005

"Don't Mess With the Bull Young Man...

… you’ll get the horns”


I felt like the cash cow early in the night playing some PLO8 with those wacky Europeans and their odd shaped coins at Interpoker. Getting quartered twice in a span of five hands gave me a British POUNDing to the mid-section, especially when I had 20+ outs to a 3/4th. But I managed to escape with minimal damage to my most recent attempt to play the $1/$2 game there with a well-timed bluff on a paired board and knowing the player had the ability to lay down his aces with no chance at a low.

What was that ruckus?

I can describe the ruckus sir.

Its Drizz’s heartbeat playing at the $1/$2 tables full time now (as games are available) and his heart is beating outside of his chest when making plays at pots. It’s nice to feel that excitement again, the well-timed semibluff, betting with a hidden nut-nut hand and knowing the other regular players are shaking their heads at the weak player who’s calling down with a straight on a paired board, with three flush cards, and no low. Instead of one to three regular players at the $.50/$1 tables, there’s now two to five of them at the $1/$2, still enough players for easy pickings but more caution to be used when entering a pot and/or attempting a bluff.

"Yo wastoid, you’re not gonna blaze up in here."

No, I’ll leave that to the experts next week ;)

Thank god for digital cable, now I can relive 80s cinema 24 hours a day! I think a brat pack marathon is in order sometime soon to appreciate the extra cable dollars I’m spending with digital cable each month. But, bonii at Interpoker needs to be cleared before the month is up so I have a little extra cash in Vegas for *ahem* entertainment and maybe a nice sit down dinner. Who am I kidding? My idea of a nice sit-down dinner is any place where you don’t need a tray to bring your food to your booth. Put more then one fork in front of me, and I’ll ask the stupid questions of which forks to use for which course. Yeah, I’m that guy.

The IM box was loaded with eager bloggers last night to swarm on the city of sin. I made a suggestion of hopping over to the Monte Carlo at some point in an afternoon to hit up a five liter micro-brew beer. I believe they’re called “giraffes” and come with a nifty tap. Me and my buddy Burnsie finished one a couple of years ago, and luckily the food was filling enough that the only reason I fell over was trying to get a better view of the be-thonged ladies in the pool right outside of the restaurant.

I doubt there will be many viewable g-strings outside of the strip clubs this time however; it’s a bit cold for those in the Southwest.

Bust out prize, bust out prize. I have one for busting me, which isn’t difficult, just get me in a coin flip and you’re a 99:1 favorite to win. Trust me on that.

It’s nothing extravagant. A small, leather backpack that I obtained through our company store with a deck of cards and professionally styled Yahtzee dice cup inside! I’ll take a picture of it once I get home today.

I’ve been hitting up the Vegas poker room websites for places to play Omaha 8 but have come up with “will spread on request” or flat out NO! I guess I’ll be regulated to watching Felicia and Badblood play the mixed game at the Wynn or buying in for $1K at 2-4 limit Hold Them at the Excal when we storm the castle again.

“Sir your chips are blocking your cards”.

“You’re right; I should get more chips, CHECKS!!”

My plans for my birthday on the 8th are... drink, get a lap dance, drink some more, play a little poker, get a straw so I don’t need to lift a glass to drink, play some more poker, puke and rally, play some extreme keno while drinking, then pass out (or "rest my eyes") after the fifth number is called.

Can’t wait.

Thanks for dropping by, now here’s a site that all you Jonathan Bender fanatics have been looking for! Sigh.

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