Monday, September 22, 2008

The Day After

Awakening at a familiar hour wasn’t tiring (despite the 4:30am flashing on the alarm clock).

Going through the morning checklist wasn’t painful.

Sitting at this desk isn’t different.

But, for ten straight days (and fourteen total) I got to be a different person. For that break in reality, I am graceful. Surely, the long hours, two hour naps in-between shifts will catch to up me while banging out some TPS report mid-week, but for now the adrenaline is flowing like hitting up that Excedrin/Cap’n Coke mix that snapped my eyes open ready to report on the next WCOOP tournament.

While I’m a list/goals type person, there’s a need to break from the looping radio station that’s stuck on playing the latest top-40 in succession.

This gig is exactly what was needed.

Hopefully the PokerStars brass enjoyed the product that several friends gathered from all points of the US (and across the pond like Stephen) to put together.

There were sacrifices made to sit down for several hours a night to report on latest hundred thousandaire with a ROI that would make you laugh (or cry if you’ve never had a big score like myself), all well worth it to regain a wanting to do a little more then fill my 40 hour weekly quota and return home to rinse and repeat day-in day-out, only breaking your corporate mold for your spouse and kids.

I got to think on the fly, be rushed into getting something out there quickly, story-tell and get paid to do it. While the story never gets old of how four years ago I just enjoyed leaving comments on a few poker blogs and was urged to strike up a little internet real estate for myself, never did I think there would be money for advertising.

Nor, did I think I would be asked to blog for pay

And not in a million years did I think I would be taking time off to do this besides my “real” job.

Thanks to Jason, April, Martin, Stephen, F-Train, Jen, Haley, CK, Change100, PokerStars, and especially Otis for the opportunity, I meant it when I said this wasn’t about the money (but damn glad I’m going to have a decent bankroll for Vegas now, PAI-GOW!!!).

Now for another event I’ve been waiting for: The Bash

Pub Olympics and Pennsylvania here I come. Warm up the WAWA for me Al.

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