Tuesday, September 02, 2008

From Boy to Bigger Boy

Ok, I might understand the teen pregnancy.

But, the husband's TWO DECADE OLD DUI???!?!?! Who, the fuck cares?

Its nanny crap like this that I don't choose a poltical party let alone try to follow every slip of the tongue by the canadiates. Tell me what you're going to about energy, the war, and getting more restaurants to serve chocolate covered bacon bits and you've got my half-deaf ear.

Busy day, look for pics of Wyatt's first day of school. Proud daddy is taking him into Kindergarten today due to the first day we spend the entire time together. 50/50 chance on the teacher asking me to leave due to disruptive behavior with the bean bags and cymbals.

Wish us luck.

Edit: BWHAHAHAHA Sir Charles with the Captain. Color me jealous.

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