Monday, September 15, 2008

I Love Jesus, I Want My Damn McGriddle Now!!!

I fell asleep during the Vikes game halfway thru the third quarter, wake up to Viniteri kicking a game-winning field goal while warming up for Event #20 at the WCOOP yesterday afternoon.

What the hell happened? I assume the usual heart break from my beloved Vikes as they manage avoid victory once again while striving for defeat. Well played sir.

Mr. Cutler, that was a fumble. Brass balls on the 2-point conversion however.

Another sleepless weekend in the books, one more and I come out a reborn catholic who spends his day reading from the good book and praising Jesus daily at the local McDonald's where my request for an extra sauage patty was charged yet not received prompting my daughter to take offense in the form of sonic boom-level screaming when we got home Sunday morning after daddy had no sleep since 5am Saturday.

(I haven't left the reservation yet, but I'll be honest that I'm sneering more and more about returning to work next week)

God will smite those McGriddle flipping heathens should similar issues occur next time. I notice the africian-american crew was "working" instead of the usually effecient latino one. Did I mention waiting 10 minutes at the drive thru and having to explain what goes into a "Big Breakfast" to the glassy eyed attendant as she texted her friend that was standing three feet away causing laugher as 5 of the workers stood in a huddle while no one made my damn McGriddle?

Yes, laugh at the guy who could barely spell "Team PokerStars Pro" at 9am. Please go work at BK to flip some Whoppers and those annoyingly crown-shaped chicken nuggets next Saturday, I have a very long night coming up this weekend and might just snap Michael Douglas "Falling Down" style if you forget my hash brown patty and a smile.

A big thanks to those who put up with me this weekend, at home and online. Tonight I'll be blogging up WCOOP Event #22's Mixed O/8 (yea!!!), drop by and enjoy the scoops (you see what I did there? GENIUS!). Sigh.

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