Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Tunnel Is So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades

Tonight is drunken poker night as I’ve just realized that my only days off in the month of September was Labor Day, and the days of The Bash. Poorly played tournament poker will be splashed about, a possible Riverchasers appearance in honor of seeing the people behind the donkey avatars in two weeks.

Work much?

All worth it, not just for the paper dollars that may or may not (read: definitely will) find their ways into the pockets of bloggers who wish to take my money playing poker, darts (Speaker and Chadarama will let you how easy to extract $20 from the pockets of Drizz and Bracelet shooting Cricket, COUGH COUGH), pinball, beer pong, guess the panty of the beer cart chick. No 52 card pickup, learned my lesson during the Christmas party of 81’, snagged a tree-shaped sugar cookie with the hot candy on the top, enjoyed it thoroughly. Just allow me a few refreshments and I’m sure I can also be willed away to help the single mom’s whom have extraordinary abilities to dance on metal (and other) poles while high on Jesus, to earn that advanced business degree in a Pennsylvania community college.

I’m a giver.

Pub Olympics? Bring it.

The days of endless poker bonuses may have past us by (unless you’re late to the party), but I still receive $1.27 a week from rakeback for the 5-6 SnGs I have time to play. Not sure what TastyKakes go for, but I’m willing to wager that $1.27 will net you some chocolaty goodness at the local WAWA!!! when 3:30am rolls around and the beautiful bartendress stops serving water for unknown reasons and you’re in a van with a thousand mile stare wondering if that chick that flashed you three or four times was good looking or extremely hairy when the ugly lights turned on or if the cop picking out a eat n’ go cheesesteak is going to throw you in the drunk tank for that plastic gun stuffed in your pocket.

Odd things are amiss in Pennsyltucky when riding shotgun with AlCantHang. Possible Two-Time All-Lewey all star team? After 25 straight days of work and an extreme need to blow off steam? Check. Friends with like-minded needs and degenerancy? Check. Wisconsin headgear while playing Omahahahaha? Check. Sigh.

15 days. Will you toast with me? Cheers.

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