Thursday, September 04, 2008

Into the Partially Unknown

I'm getting paid for this right?

As the next two and a half weeks of blog-gasm at PokerStars looms the posts here will contain cute kids (see below) and less metaphors then usual.

Daddy, the cool kids use the side door

My only hope is after this is done, I come out the other side with a smile (probably a tired one) and the want to do this again firmly intact (which I'm not worried about seeing how much I enjoyed working with Short Stack Shamus last week) and being asked to do this again in the future (this part is the one with some wishful thinking).

Yes, I'm that cute, now change my diaper

I'll be honest to say I'm a little worried about performance without the use of the Kama Sutra, alcohol, or one of those sex instructional videos you can buy towards the back of Maxim magazine with the free advanced oral techniques DVD if you buy the first three volumes.

But needless to say, I'm happy for the chance to do something worth a damn and hope some (all) of you follow along at as many familiar faces will be popping up like a certain party in a weeks in PA which will serve as a decompression chamber.

Stock up on the Cap'n.

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