Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Magic Number is at 5

Not for the Twins, they're sucking ass like my other favorite overpaid athletes. CLOSE OUT A GAME FOR ONCE!!!!

Watching “World’s Most Beautiful Beaches” on the travel channel for the fact that I do not have thonged goddesses grinding to the latest club mix on my deck while drunk on syrupy cocktails, and I need a little mindlessness before going back to the battle station downstairs.

But, I did acquire a beer which every sip is to be savored like a fine steak at a Vegas eatery (hmmmm can’t wait for the frites) as the kids are down for their naps and no wife to tell me that a beer in the afternoon is the road to alcoholism, which I’ll hold off those tenacities until the Bash (its tomorrow, right Al?!?!). I suppose 10 more days of waiting will only leave me crying a little inside.

Five more days of the WCOOP, then back to reality of three walls and vapid employee of the month certificates (free cookies rule!!!), back to a “normal” job, back to monotone colors and ledgers without creative edges. No more punny headlines and watching people play for more money then I’ll make in the next 10 years (but at least I get the employee discount!!!!111). No more getting done at 8:30am the next morning wondering if I can manage to put on my boxers in the right direction. No more feeling good about the product we put out there for the readers of the PokerStarsBlog.

There are readers I hope, if not it doesn’t hurt the pride I’ve taken in working with these folks who most of I’ll see next week or in December to rehash the stories and enjoy something more then the stale Wheat Thins and green tea sitting next to my laptops. There’s no competition here, no advancement up the corporate ladder, no sexual harassment that doesn’t get slung back at you ten-fold.

In a couple words: the perfect workplace.

There’s an understanding that this is probably a one-time thing but I’m happy to have done it and have five more nights to enjoy the dessert of this work/vacation meal.

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