Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Boobs and The Brett

A sad story from Illinois where someone potentially flipped out and killed his family (click here for link). If you read down you'll find an unwritten rule of employement at this alleged murderer's workplace:

Officials have declined to discuss details about the alleged threats. Some
neighbors in the well-kept subdivision have also said the Colemans received
threatening letters and that their mailbox was tampered with.

Police got to the suburban home that morning before the husband arrived
and discovered the bodies. Shortly after, officers had to restrain the visibly
upset man in his yard.

Chris Coleman worked security for Joyce Meyer Ministries, a Fenton,
Mo.-based evangelical Christian group. Joyce Meyer spokesman Roby Walker said
last week that Coleman resigned after an internal inquiry found he failed to
follow a ministry policy.

Walker would not say what policy Coleman allegedly violated.

Thou shalt not kill is a decent policy to have around cubicalworld to keep a safe work area whether you believe in the Jesus or not.


Ah, the Brett.

You play around with my football-loving heart strings like my ex-high school girlfriend. Here today with a smile, a little seduction, a little skin, then gone tomorrow with another guy only to drop hints that this isn't the last time that you're going to drag my dick over hot coals.

Now you got the Rog into the mix for a sound bite (lookie down the article for Percy Harvin sightings which I'm more interested in), and you can't have controversy and suspence without the iron-fisted commissioner making comments.

See Vick, Michael for this.

Speaking of Vick, he was brushed up with a several minute segment on Sportscenter meaning The Brett was knocked off his lofty pedestal as number one not-news story coming from the NFL this Spring/Summer. Look for Favre to come out by this weekend with a story to top Vick's.

USA Today says "Keep him sidelined" says "Let him play!"
Drizz says: "Who cares!"

Throw em' both into the scrap heap and let the Lingerie Football League draft them for equipment manager duties.

Below are links to what a lingerie football player may look like:

Three is company.

Seven is a fanasty.

Why yes, my son's favorite color is orange (and mine is blonde).


Poker content was almost certain for placement here today as I was doing well on my cash game tables and in the Skillz game. Then the RNG decided to deal me an endless array of 94o for an hour and got blinded off because steals make excellent sense in Limit Hold Em'! If that wasn't enough, the thought of me having profitable night was too much to bear and promptly allowed the aptly named r3tarded287 to suckout all of my profit and then some, before a mercy killing of my Skillz game in 14th place allowed me to throw my bad beat monkey across the room and power down the laptop.

At least the Leinie 1888 Bock didn't suck.

Mookie tonight for the next to last shot at the BBT4 TOC. My attendance will be mocking you from the sidelines because frankly after watching $200 melt (considering my current online bankroll, this is a good chunk of change) and my tournament chips evaporated in a matter of 5 minutes after playing well for three hours my heart isn't into giving away money tonight.

But sitting on the porch with a Surly Bender and good weather is.

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