Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Weekly Dose of Favre

While J. Goat has his "Weekly Dose of Crazy" (which is damn funny).

I introduce "Daily Dose of Favre"!

Please. Make. It. Stop.

I can't tell if the Wilf's are positioning to sell tickets versus bettering (great word!) the team's roster. Favre on the team will sell out the tickets faster then my daughter escaping from her room before bedtime.

This has the flavor of the Pershing Square proxy battle with Target. The stockholder is trying to add members to the board that will cater to his business plans (which include getting the retailer into the real estate business) versus the rock solid management core that has guided Target for several years and has vast amounts of retail background.

Are the Wilf's looking to make a quick buck to split and run? Or do they generally feel like bringing Favre on the team will solidify the Vikes for the years to come?

As a fan, I'd rather not see the return of the Les Stuckel-type years and remain content with throwing my foam Viking brick at the 40" Sony through up-and-down season versus having one exciting season then busto for a stretch of time.

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